Tiny Book #2 How to Make Cranberry Sauce

Here is Tiny Book #2.  When I was making this and agonizing over what I was going to put in my little books,   I decided to go with things I knew how to make from memory in order to make them more “me.”

Homemade Cranberry sauce is something I love with poultry and pork, and the canned stuff just doesn’t do it for me. I also like regulate how much sugar and what kind of sugar goes in what I eat.  I prefer everything Organic and I find that Organic sugar is not only better for you than processed white sugar, but you also don’t need as much. I can drop this recipe down to 1/2 or 3/4 cup with Organic sugar.   I also use other berries for different flavors, but I didn’t put that in my “book.”  You can also use fruit and juice as sweeteners.

The papers I am using are leftover scraps from larger books that I have made and the textured cold press Fabriano Artistico 140 lb paper can make my pen lines appear scritchy and I sometimes can’t control where it is going, LOL.

Here’s the photos:


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