Inktober Day 12 – Slippery

Worked on this last evening and forgot to post it because I have been reading the new Hunger Games book,”The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” by Suzanne Collins and I dove into that before posting my sketch. And I stayed up late to finish it. Good book! Oh well. Remembered this morning and I am posting it now. I already printed out a copy and wrote out the postcard for my mom so that’s ready to be mailed this morning.

I almost didn’t work on my Inktober sketch either. I was feeling uninspired so I had to push through this one. It took me a while to envision a dragon slipping on a slick surface. I am glad I persevered.

It’s funny how over the past few years my Inktober sketches seem to take their own direction based on the prompts. This year seems to be more focused on the dragon. I am working in a 4×6 sketchbook so I am also working small. Once this sketchbook is full I’ll probably move to larger more detailed scenes.

Inktober Day 11 – Sanderling

None of the prompts inspired me today but I did take a photo of tbe beach peeps the other evening. There were sanderlings and ruddy turnstones all over and they didn’t seem to mind the humans. The ruddy turnstones would plunk themselves down in the sand next to us. They were adorable. The sanderlings crack me up with their running back and forth to the water. A few had attitudes where they would ruffle up their back feathers and angrily argue over a patch of sand. My husband was like “there’s a whole beach!” I guess a few were just “angry birds?”😂

Inktober Day 10 – Hope

Today’s prompt for Inktober is “hope.” Witches are born with a different sort of immunity which COVID doesn’t affect, but the Little Witch and dragonet have lots of human friends. In this year of a pandemic, HOPE means that we are praying for a swift end to this world crisis. HOPE also means that this virus gets conquered by a vaccine or mutates into something benign.


We hope that in two and half months, we ring in 2021; the New Year, the way 2020 was supposed to be.


Life returns to a better versions of pre-pandemic, but hopefully we’ll all be wiser and treasure every day as the gift it is.

Inktober Day 9 “Citrus”

I didn’t like the Inktober Prompt of “throw” so fortunately there are a lot of alternative lists out there this year. They Draw and Cook has a food list and today is “citrus” so that’s the one I chose to do.

The little dragonet, who is growing and isn’t quite so little anymore, is just like any other animal in the house when it comes to food on the table. In this case, it’s a refreshing pitcher of a lemonade, orange and lime mix.

I chose not to use color because I think it works ok without color. I didn’t color my mom’s version this time, either.

Inktober Day 8 – Teeth

The prompt today was teeth and I almost did a shark, but then I thought it would be a cop out to my “Little Witch” series, which at the moment, is focused on the dragonet.

So how could I best represent a dragon’s teeth. Working in a 4×6 space, adding the witch to check the dragon’s teeth or something along those lines forces me to work tiny. Then I thought of kitty and a stretchy dragon yawning and showing his teeth made more sense.

I sketched two versions in my sketchbook and then I uploaded one of the sketches in Procreate, tweaked it, then downloaded it and printed it out to send to my mom. Not very Halloweenish but sometimes the story takes a life of its own.

Here are both versions:

Here is the Procreate “ink” version
This version was printed out on cardstock and I used Arteza pens to add color. This one will be mailed to my mom.

An added note, all of these are postcards I mail to my mom, who is in an assisted living facility for memory care. She is in NJ and I live in Florida so I try to make her postcards and mail them to her as often as I can. The #342 is the number of postcards I have mailed her.

Inktober Day 7 – Beets

Today I opted for They Draw and Cook’s Inktober list and today’s prompt was “beets.”

The little dragon got loose in the garden and pulled out a few beets. Now he has the decide what to do with them.