About Me

It all started with a shark

I was in 7th grade and I had to do a book report. I needed to draw a shark to illustrate the book report so I pulled out an encyclopedia and looked up sharks. I found a good example and I looked at the shark and just drew what I saw. No one showed me how to draw the shark and I didn’t realize I was doing anything exceptional. I just needed a shark for my book report. From the way my mother and teachers reacted, you would have thought I illustrated the Sistine Chapel.

As long as I can remember, I’ve had the need to draw or paint.  I was better at drawing from life than my imagination, that part, I had to really work at to get what was in my head onto paper.   I use my sketchbooks for places to experiment and try new things. I draw every morning as a warm up for my day, like an athlete, my drills are in my sketchbooks.

I create art because its something I love to do..  I enjoy exploring subjects from the comical to the macabre, natural or imaginary, using a variety of media as a form of expression and problem solving.

I also go urban sketching, or paint plein air, to get out of the studio and draw on location. Mother Nature is the best teacher.

I live with my husband, two chihuahuas and a totally obnoxious Caique. Occasionally my daughter and her kitty come to visit and all hell breaks loose. It’s all good creative fodder.

My fur babies are a huge source of inspiration.