Urban Sketching

Urban sketching is sketching on location and recording what you see. It is very similar to plein air painting except with Urban Sketching, you are supposed to document what you see, whereas with plein air painting, you make modifications based on design and layout and you can leave things out if they don’t fit the overall composition. Urban sketchers document a scene to include everything so there is a visual record of the place you sketched. These come in handy for paintings later on.

I added a kitty to the more recent ones and I sketched them on 4×6 post card sized paper so I could mail them to my mom.

This was sketched at Gallo during the Belgian vs Brazil game. Kitty was not present although she wanted to be. A lot of people got a big kick out of this one…no pun intended. OK, maybe it was intended.
This car parked next to us and it was too juicy not to sketch!

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