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Live Critter Sunday

The “posse” came up to my desk and gave me the “eye.” They also smacked my legs. I have no idea what they wanted because they already had their dinner. I got down on the floor beside them to play with them. Then John and I took them for a walk which seemed to make […]

P is for Pretzel

I belong to an illustrator’s group and we recently had an A-Z challenge. I played with all sorts of lettering… I thought of all sorts of ideas, notes jotted, ideas written out…. but couldn’t get anything on paper until we did a Zoom last week and a pretzel was one of the objects for us […]

Live Critter Sunday

This Sunday I have another of our feathered friends. I was out for my morning walk and spotted this raptor. He/she was perched on a fence and let me get close enough for a photo. It hangs out in the area and we frequently see him/her hunting and often hear them calling to each other. […]

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