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Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th and I decided to play around with my Arteza brush pens. I used a sketchbook made out of the Arches Text Wove paper which can be a little temperamental for using the brush pens. Black cats are not bad luck so I thought this kitty would be purrfect for today….

Happy Rubber Ducky Day

Here is something to make you smile as the day comes to a close. I have been trying to get to this all day and finally managed to find 40 minutes to work on this. I did a pen and ink sketch first thing this morning in my “dailies” sketchbook and used my sketch as…

Carve December – Day 31

Yeah, today is the final day! Here is today’s stamp, which is inspired by my three flowering aloes. I never knew Aloes got flowers and mine must be pretty frisky because they keep flowering multiple times a year! I also took a photo of all of the stamps (all 31 of them!) and it’s nice…

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