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Carve December Day 5

Here is today’s stamp: The only thing about doing stamps where I am trying to create a character or scene is, they take longer to make, because I have to keep making test prints to see how it looks. I did two pages of test prints before I made it to this stage.

Carve December Day 4

Day 4’s prompt is “little.” I decided to make a little kitty based on one of my Kringle Kitty designs. I winged it, drawing the image directly on the Speedy Carve. The nice thing about these small carvings is they don’t take a lot of time. The hardest part of the whole process is getting […]

Carve December Day 3

Dotty is today’s prompt. I chose my design to give myself some practice with circles. I could have used a punch tool if I wanted perfect circles. But looking over the total pattern as a whole, I really like the wonkiness of the carved circles. They look like wet malformed snow flakes, lol. I may […]

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