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All she wants to do is dance and Goo Goo Love

All Penny wants to do is dance. She loves to go shopping for outfits and accessories and she especially likes dresses that twirl. Goo Goo is a sturdy little dog that imagines herself as a brave explorer. She wants to travel the world and be an archeologist.

Madame Papillon and Fifi

Madame Papillon is a very snobby fluffy dog who is obsessed with fashion and is always impeccably groomed. Until one very muddy Spring thaw. Fifi and her owner live in an apartment overlooking a huge park. Their perfectly styled hair always matches their outfits and they were very popular.

Valentine Birds

The Pink Heart bird delivers Valentine’s greetings on Valentine’s Day. However, one year, because of a strong wind, the deliveries didn’t go as planned. Scarlet lives in a field of flowers. Her bedroom is built on an old sunflower, decorated with pink flower hearts and has a great view.

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