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The toughest part about being an artist and promoting your work is the marketing part. I try to schedule my posts but sometimes I get behind and this is one of those times. The holidays add another list of chores to an already busy day. Taking 5 minutes to take a photo can be a […]

It’s December….Again

December is such a busy month and I scratch my head when art challenges pop up for December. Especially when the list hits right before the start date so that you can’t prepare ahead of time. It almost seems sadistic. Getting off my soapbox….Shannon McNab’s “Daily Sketch Challenge” prompts for December are very helpful and […]


Absence  You were the last thing we wanted You came to us on a warm summer evening Tiny and sick dark as the night We took you in and you grew on us You thought you were a chihuahua You ingratiated yourself into our hearts Soft and silky svelte and lanky A queen in your […]

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