Sktchy #49

A friend of mine suggested that I take some photos of my work space because people like to see where art is created.

Here are two photos, one is of my desk where I do sketching/small works, and one of my drafting table, where I tape down larger works that do not need an easel…..none of my pastels are done on this side of the studio.

My desk holds everything I need within reach to create sketches and small water-based works.  You see small mason jars of colored pencils, various jars of brushes used for different purposes, pens, paint markers, Tombow markers, tools, wipes (which are really important when spilling ink 😂).  My model horse friends should pick up on a few things, my high school friends should recognize the statue of the “Winged Victory,” and my Philadelphia Sketch Club friends may recognize the Jersey Devil done by Rik Viola.

Yes, that is a photo of Man O’War.

This is my drawing table where I do larger water media based work. The pink chair in the corner is where I take breaks (yeah, gets used more by hubby). The drawing table was a college graduation gift from my friends Marie and Mark (yes, still have it.) 

And now, for this evenings posted Sktchy….this was a day long project because it was several layers of washes, then I had to let it dry completely before I drew the tree with a twig and India Ink.

“Twilight” #49