Today’s sketches

This morning I went out and sat by the water to do this.  I really need to tweak my car set up because it is a awkward to paint in the car.  It is still too chilly for me to sit outside especially when recovering from being sick, so sitting in the car keeps me out of the elements.    The sun was out but was slowly fading…I made the best of my time out.  

This was painted with goauche over a grey acrylic underpainting.  The grey underpainting made this pretty dark but I like how the underpainting has the “feel” of how the muted winter day looks.

“Waiting for the summer”  was done in a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook with gouache and fine tuned with color pencil.  It’s one of the ferries that goes to Fire Island.

The next sketxh took me about 15 minutes in my morning pages and was done with ball point pens….