Mack is our long haired chihuahua who looks like what my husband descibes as a “fluffermuffin.”  As John says, it’s Lento language….  Mack’s father is a long haired Chi and he and Chloe share the same mother, who is a smooth coated Chi…..which makes Mack look like a swiffer duster.  He didn’t quite get the long silky fur that long haired Chihuahuas usually have.

We named him Mack because when he was a puppy, he knocked down doggie gates while getting banged on the head by the gate and kept on moving, like a Mack truck.  Either the thick fur protected him or this is the reason why he’s such an airhead now.  

Mack has a barking addiction and he’s failed the 12 step program many times.  

He doesn’t like sizzling frying pans and will sit outside in a monsoon until the frying pan goes away.

He’s an attention hog and is very devious about stealing food….just last night my granddaughter came into the house playing with pizza dough that her father gave her to play with (owns an Italian restaurant) and she and Mack ended up in a tug of war with dough being stretched across the kitchen…

Mack burps very loudly and does not like baths or being groomed….an hour after spending 40 bucks to make him look presentable, he’s rolling in something in the back yard and is back to looking scruffy.  John says he’s a pig. I say he’s the Forrest Gump of dogs.