One week 100 people – final day

OMG TGIF!!!!! For many reasons….we drove back to Port Saint Lucie today….we left early in the morning….as I am writing this, there are a bunch of raccoons brawling in the woods across rhe street.  Sounds like a WWF cage match.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get my sketches today, done but I did….

Sketch #1 was at a local restaurant….the first two ladies were eating quietly….the next two were part of an obnoxious party of 11…wow, the guy that waited on them had the patience of Job!  

The next sketches were done at the Jensen Beach bridge…..i was happy I caught the guy fishing and the bearded guy holding a baby! 

It was getting dark and John had finished book and wanted another to read and forgot to bring more down so we drove over to Barnes and Noble….

Last but not least, two Sktchy drawings….

Overall, I managed to sketch over 100 people this week…