Today’s sketches 

So, today I took my new improved Moleskine out to sketch.  I had a small window of time to sketch before I had to go bome and heat up dinner for the family.  (Yesterday’s leftovers).  I saw the flag down by the bay and I stopped to sketch it.  I used my Lamy Safari pen filled with Noodler’s Bullet Proof ink.   The ink went on nicely….or so it seemed…I noticed smudges that ended up on the side of my hand.  I pulled out my watercolors to add a touch of color and tbe ink smeared.  Strike one for the new Moleskine paper.  I suspect some causes for the ink bleed issue but further testing with different inks will be necessary.

Sketch #2 was inspired by a Carla Sonheim prompt “blah blah blah” which made me think of Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoon…..