I’ve reached the top!

This little cutie hangs out in our back yard. John was watering the plants this morning and disturbed all the lizards and our little toadie came out from his hiding spot on the lanai. He decided that UP was the best way to get away from the water

He lets himself in and out of the screen house and occasionally, like this morning, we had to let him out. John opened the door and he hopped out. We cracked up. It’s like letting the dogs out. He’ll go do his thing and when it gets hot he’ll bury himself in the damp soil. We find him occasionally when weeding. He gets back in the screen house on his own and the whole process begins again.

That’s the beauty of this planet. All creatures, great and small.

My contest submission

Another amateur animated ‘toon. This one was my submission for the Kitchen Table Mini Film Festival. I can’t wait to do another! This was an awesome idea by Carla Sonheim and Kara Kramer. I could still do a ton of things to this video to tweak it but I had a deadline. I still may work on this though.

A little video….

I took Carla Sonheim’s class on animation called “Make it Move” and it was fun and really helpful. I enjoyed it a lot and it gave me ideas how to handle animating my art in the future. My head is popping with ideas.

One assignment was to animate some collage pieces…..this is a very short video where I used a homemade background and three collage pieces to make a small scene. The kitty and the “rod” where pulled out of my paper stash. I don’t know where kitty found the bikini top.😎

Remember, this isn’t Disney, just a little fun playing with paper…..

Kitty goes fishing