Project: Tiny Books

So, for the past several months, in between commissions, participating in shows and plein air events, getting my tonsils out and the usual holiday shopping, decorating, baking, cooking, etc, I have been working on my submissions for the Tiny Book Show.  I belong to a Book Arts email group and I found out about the Tiny Book Show via a post in that group.  I checked out the link and it looked like something really neat that I wanted to try doing.

The Tiny Book Show is the brain child of two women.  Apparently they have done this before and it was successful, so they wanted to do it again. The books can be no larger than 3×3 inches and they contain any content that you wish.  You can watch the video here. I liked the sentiment of the project and when you watch the video you’ll see why I wanted to try this project.

I started research and gathering ideas back in late October.  I learned some different ways to make books; very SMALL books.  I even carried supplies with me to Bermuda when I was there for the Plein Air event.  I was so exhausted from painting I didn’t have much time for bookmaking.  I did manage to organize and work some of my ideas out.

I tried making several of the styles that were mentioned on the website but I settled on two, one I came up with and one I sort of tweaked and modified.    I submitted three of the tweaked and modified book and I made a bunch of the style I came up with and gave to a few people as gifts.  Below are a bunch of the books that I made and I have one next to a penny and a pen so you can get an idea of the size.




I will be posting photos of the books over three separate WordPress Posts because each book is 12 pages.

Book 1 is how to make your own simple sketchbook.  On the cover is a Teddy bear holding an actual tiny book that I stitched using the 3 hole pamphlet stitch.  Inside is the 5 hole pamphlet stitch.


 Stop back again in a few days to see books 2&3!