Inktober Day 21

It’s Day 21 and today’s prompt is “bad dog.”

We have a long haired Chihuahua named Mack. Mack might be small but he’s sturdy for a Chi. The breeder believes in sturdy chihuahuas that would could walk trails with their owners and Mack definitely fits that description. He’s a tiny truck. More than once he’s run into the back of our legs to let us know he wanted something and almost knocked us down. He gives a whole new meaning to taking a Knee.

He’s a bit impish and has been known to get his little butt in trouble. Like the time he tried to take on a raccoon twice his size. They bounced off each other and both ran in opposite directions, screaming like girls. Mack was pretty bruised from that ordeal but ok. (In the meantime, Johnnie-come-lately Chloe came running out the back door, wanting to kick ass and take names after the party was already over. Ran around the yard and barked. Oh yeah, she’s so tough.)

Mack likes to raid laundry baskets and trash cans. He is the perfect paper shredder, should you need his services. He also molests his half-sister and we have to remind him that he is NOT a Targaryen.

In my mind there are no bad dogs and I am sure Cesar Millan would agree. However, naughty and mischievous dogs do make your life more interesting. Like, when Mack used to unravel rolls of toilet paper, and run through the house with it. Thank heavens he doesn’t do that anymore. Although you still have to watch the laundry baskets. I’ll leave that one to your imagination.

Having Chihuahuas in our lives is never dull. At the basic level, they have small food bills, smaller vet bills and small poopies that have to be picked up. (Small poopies are def a bonus.) They are bossy, sassy, easily portable and don’t take no for an answer. They are astoundingly intelligent and I don’t care what some canine researcher says, my dogs can spell. They know what t-r-e-a-t and -e-a-t means, and hide when we say b-a-t-h. They know more words than they should know. Chloe knows to walk up to where her food is, stands at the door, looks at us, looks up at the food door, back at us. Repeat as necessary. If that isn’t a hint enough, then a shrill yip reminder and stamping of the feet should be a dead giveaway that dinner is to be served. With Mack on standby, waiting for the fruits of her labor. LOL.

This sketch isn’t a portrait of Mack but the essence of his naughtiness. He does pull the stuffing and squeakers out of their dog toys.

Inktober Day 21
Bad dog
pen and ink drawing of a small fuzzy dog surrounded by a doll that has had its head chewed off, underwear, torn paper, chewed homework and a toy with the squeaker ripped out.
Inktober Day 21 “Bad Dog”

Inchies Day 7

The prompt for Day 7 is “mussel.” I added tiny eyes to my mussels and then I, uhm, had a little dark fun with wondering how the mussels would feel about being dinner. I kept thinking about the song by Squeeze, “Pulling Mussels (from the shell)” so I thought of a bowl full of streaming mussels and their relatives dismayed over their demise.

It’s almost Halloween. What can I say.

Mussels with little faces done in Ink and ink wash on 2x2 inch paper.   Whimsy humor


My favorite apples are pink ladies. They have that perfect combination of sweet and tart and they are a crisp apple, not like the mushy Red Delicious. I love pink ladies and this sketch is a pink lady apple.

I was listening to something on TV and they were saying that many regions have their own apples, which I didn’t know. However, you don’t need to travel to find them, all you have to do is contact the orchard and most will gladly ship them to you.

I have over 100 filled sketchbooks and although I do have pink ladies in the fridge, I used my sketch of the pink lady apple to do this piece.

More Flowers

I didn’t think I would say this but I am really enjoying this technique. It’s very liberating. No rules, just drawing with the brush pen what I feel the watercolor marks are telling me to do. I may get a few more pages ready in my sketchbook so I can do more. In the mean time I still have some other stuff to get done but the nice thing is I can take a break and watch TV and do these type of flowers.

Christmas Art Countdown Day 9

I started my day working on my iPad this morning, trying to get ahead of some designs. Before I knew it, I ran low on battery power. I figured this was the perfect time to get my post written, while the iPad is recharging.

One thing about being an artist is I never seem to have enough desk space. I could have a whole room of counter space and I think I would still feel cramped. I tried to type this with a sketchbook on my desk until I realized that trying to type over the sketchbook was causing a lot of typos.

It’s cold here in Florida. OK, for those of you scoffing in the Northeast, it’s in the low 40’s overnight here. You would be cold in the NE, too. Orlando got down into the 30’s. For those of you who are not as familiar with Florida as you think you are…we DO get seasons down here. Not like you do up North, but trees actually lose leaves here. The one in our backyard is funny. When it gets cold I swear it just dumps leaves over night like a whomping willow. John and I were out doing some shopping this evening and we were like, “sheesh, it feels like Long Island!” This cool weather will come and go until March. On the bright side, at least it FEELS like Christmas. We do cover plants that might get cranky when it is cool. Oh, and Florida CAN get snow, at least in North Florida, like Jacksonville or Tallahassee. I live at the top of South Florida, just below the “frost line” where supposedly you don’t get frost. That’s a load of crap, too, because parts of South Florida, like the Lake Okeechobee area, can get frost and they have a frost warning up tonight for those in frost prone areas.

The manatees are the true Floridas. They bug out and head for warmer waters. They might be chubby but they do not like the cold.

Here’s the perfect sketch for cold weather…..