Chickens and Hackers

I did this little pattern for the 3×3 Challenge. The Theme was on the farm and I had a lot of fun with this one.

I started by randomly drawing chickens in my sketchbook. When I had a page I scanned the page into my computer, then I air dropped it to my iPad. From there, I tweaked some chickens, removed the ones that were so so, and added a few embellishments,

I used one of the suggested color palettes, which something I normally don’t do, but I figured it would make trying to choose colors less stressful. LOL I only had to add two colors that I thought would work better. I hope you enjoy this as much as I had fun doing it.

Pattern, green yellow pink ochre white brown.  Chickens in various poses with flowers and butterflies

Also, a warning this evening. There are some really mean people in this world and it is a shame that some of these bad people have to make life miserable for others. All I have to say about that is Karma is a bitch and what you do to others will come back at you much, much worse. For the people who hacked my daughter’s Instagram account, Karma will find you. My daughter is a good sweet person and didn’t deserve that. WHAT YOU DO TO OTHERS WILL ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOU.

Here is the message that she received from someone she knew who was hacked as well. They sent the same one to me and my family from my daughter’s account. Beware of people DM’ing you with a link or something like this. Be careful out there, dear followers.

coco moloko pattern

The second part of the assignment was to create a toy idea for the donut character, Coco Moloko by Zoƫ Tucker. I started to create a small sculpture and then went back and reread the assignment and it said STUFFED. Drat. I quickly drew this using Procreate and then I proceeded to make a doll which I finished yesterday.

Here is the digital pattern design. I did make a more detailed version for making my doll, but this is the simplified version.


What can I say about confetti? I had several ways to approach this prompt and I felt like playing with patterns, so I went a little bonkers on the iPad. I find myself playing on the iPad the same way I play on paper.

My whole life was in sketchbooks until I installed Procreate on my iPad several years ago. Now, I find Procreate can be a digital sketchbook, a place to clean up something that came out of my sketchbook or a place to create fine art. Once I got past the idea of going digital and still being true to myself, I found myself leaning toward tools on Procreate that fit my technique and style.

My biggest inspiration for creating art for art’s sake on the iPad? David Hockney. I saw his exhibit in Manhattan, saw how he used the iPad as a tool, and was finally able to embrace it as an authentic artistic tool. Another artist I would recommend checking out for creating art on the iPad is Rob Sketcherman. I love his urban sketches done on the with Procreate and they look like they were done in a sketchbook! Rob plays with the tools on the iPad to take his sketches to a whole other dimension. Rob inspired me to take just my iPad out to sketch, using it as a sketchbook.

The iPad with Procreate has been a life changer for me, but I still love the traditional media. Especially when the battery dies on my iPad. (Bummer)

Looking at “Confetti” again, I wonder about doing this pattern play in my sketchbook so I may try it again with other media.

As with my Confetti Design, here is a simple stamp that I carved with no direction or sketch. I love this Carve December challenge. Today’s design almost looks primitive and it was only a few lines.

More Flowers

I didn’t think I would say this but I am really enjoying this technique. It’s very liberating. No rules, just drawing with the brush pen what I feel the watercolor marks are telling me to do. I may get a few more pages ready in my sketchbook so I can do more. In the mean time I still have some other stuff to get done but the nice thing is I can take a break and watch TV and do these type of flowers.