I haven’t posted these in a while. Sometimes, I put something on my page that I am not really sure that I want to share yet until I am able to follow through on that little box that could lead to something else. A nice thing about Florida is the plants can grow year round…..However,Continue reading “Dailies”

Feedback time

Folks, I am working on putting a portfolio together and I am taking an illustrator’s workshop. My assignment this week is to take the character in the story and draw up a sheet with expressions for one of the characters. My character is a balloon named Bob. Here is what I have so far….please, ifContinue reading “Feedback time”

A little storm sketch

We had Tropical Storm Isaias visit. It was supposed to be a hurricane but it sort of fizzled off shore for a while. We put the shutters up but we really didn’t need them. We only got a little rain. The only interesting/frustrating thing was why couldn’t they pronounce the name correctly and why wouldContinue reading “A little storm sketch”

Chasing the elusive Neowise comet

Living in Florida has a lot of pluses. It’s almost always sunny. It’s warm year round. You can eat outside on Christmas Day. Lots of great flora and fauna. The people are nice and friendly. The lizards are insect control so they are always welcome in our screen house. The down side are the damnContinue reading “Chasing the elusive Neowise comet”