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Painting au jour

Acrylic/Mixed Media, Bic Cristal pen, Carla Sonheim's 365 class, Collage, drawing cats for mom, Mixed Media, Pen & ink, Sktchy July 29, 2019

Here is another recent painting for your viewing pleasure…..

It’s a collage/mixed media piece. 12×16

Here is a quick sketch I did this morning using the Sktchy app on iPhone.

The young man had a scrunched up face and it made me laugh. He was sketched in a drawing box that I have reserved in my morning pages.

New Year’s Eve

Christmas, drawing cats for mom, Pen & ink December 31, 2018

Here are two more sketches and some of my favorite kitties using the Sktchy App for reference photos. 2018 turned out to be the Year of the Cat for me with my mom going into assisted Living and using that as a side project, creating a postcard a day for her. Thanks to all of you for following me and all the likes and comments. I really appreciate them. I hope 2018 was a good year for everyone.

I also included (below) an Egyptian cat from my studio. She’s a little bit banged up from a fall to the floor but she still protects her realm in the studio. She’s on my “to do” list for repair.

Cat sketches

Acrylic/Mixed Media, drawing cats for mom, Pen & ink December 30, 2018

My husband and I are taking a holiday break, so I will be posting cat sketches for a few days.

Here are 4 pages from my sketch book. This sketchbook is for raw ideas and raw sketches. These aren’t polished works, they are where that polished art gets hatched. I scribble and doodle until I find something that I want to develop further.

I am playing around with two photos of cats for ideas. By doing different versions of the same cats, I come up with other ideas on what to create based on the sketches.

Little witch and kitty

drawing cats for mom, Pen & ink, Sketches, Thanksgiving, Tombow, witches November 27, 2018

(I almost left the poor little witch and her kitty in pilgrim land).

The little witch was able to return from early America with the help of a witch who’s been dodging Salem witch hunters. The little witch used her historical knowledge of the time period to give the early American witch some useful information about heading to some place much better for her long term health.

Upon returning, Thanksgiving was in full swing with all the witches celebrating. Kitty managed to “acquire” a full turkey leg.

The season of the Witch is winding down. The witches are now preparing for Winter Solstice celebrations along with Christmas. They are making bayberry candles with good luck spells to sell to people who want to burn them on Christmas. They are blessing tree farms so that the warmth of the trees bring love and warmth to the people who bring them into their homes to decorate. They are making bunches of greens and other natural items to sell that bring harmony, health and happiness into homes for the holidays.

The little witch and kitty will be busy during the holiday season.

At least kitty gets to have this quiet moment to enjoy her turkey leg.