Friendly Face Day 11

Yep, I know I went backwards but there is no prompt for Sundays so I’ll use Sundays as make up days. This is the one I did Friday.

The prompt is “long.” Inspiration for this photo came from the Sktchy App.

Friendly Face Day 12

Day 12? Yup. Day 11 is complete but I was too exhausted to post yesterday. John and I ran out to do a few errands and I had a mishap where I gave my rib cage a good accidental whack because of my flip flops, which pretty much fouled the rest of my day. I am hoping I didn’t break any ribs. I got the sketch completed but pain has a way of clouding your “to do” list. I’ll

Today’s inspiration is “wide eyed.” The reference photo is from the Sktchy app where people from around the world post their photos in the hopes that an artist will use it. I’ve held on to this one in my queue for a while.

This sketch was painted in my homemade sketchbook using gouache on Stonehenge toned paper.

50 Friendly Faces Day 8

Today’s prompt is “up do.”

This was sketched with pencil and gouache in my homemade sketchbook on Stonehenge paper. This hasn’t been touched up digitally and the reference photo came from the Sktchy app.

Friendly Faces #3

Here is my third Friendly Faces sketch. The idea of this challenge is to create characters and I wanted to use gouache for this so these are starting out leaning towards portraits but I know how they’ll look as the challenge goes on, lol. They’ll be characters all right. Lol.

This is in my homemade sketchbook made with Stonehenge paper, using gouache and watercolor pencils.