Friendly Face Day 31

Today’s prompt is librarian. Librarians are usually avid readers and I thought of drawing someone carrying books but then I thought someone reading a book would be better.

I did use a Sktchy reference photo but I took a lot of artistic license; basically, I used the book and winged the rest.

Friendly Faces Day 30

Today’s prompt is sleepy eyes. I felt like going rogue today and not use a reference for my character. I just plopped gouache on the paper and started making a head shape and I sketched features with pencil. Slowly a winter elf emerged. I added the snowflakes at the end. I was thinking of the peace and stillness I felt when there was a gentle snowfall and just standing there, taking it in. You could hear the flakes hitting leaves and autumn debris. A lot of times, major snowstorms would start quietly, with just gentle flakes. Snow didn’t come in like a thunderstorm. Many times snowflakes came in slowly, subtly and then they brought friends; more snow and wind.

So this elf is standing outside, taking in the peace of the quietly falling snow.

Friendly Faces Day 29

Today’s prompt is “tall” so it seemed appropriate to use the giraffe reference photos that I took last week at the Brevard Zoo.

The cool thing about this Zoo is that you can feed the giraffes.

Friendly Faces Day 28

Today’s prompt is “culture different from my own” and another artist on Sktchy, Naomi Draw, posted a photo of herself when she was younger, in traditional costume. I chose her photo as a reference but took a little artistic license with the features.