Angus is a Scottish Mustached Terrier. He is very proud of his mustache and keeps it combed and groomed. Angus doesn’t like windy days.

Angus started out as a mark on paper ( in my morning pages) that basically formed his whiskers and and I worked out from there.

I used watered down acrylics for this one plus other media…..

Madame Papillon and Fifi

Madame Papillon is a very snobby fluffy dog who is obsessed with fashion and is always impeccably groomed. Until one very muddy Spring thaw.

Fifi and her owner live in an apartment overlooking a huge park. Their perfectly styled hair always matches their outfits and they were very popular.

Valentine Birds

The Pink Heart bird delivers Valentine’s greetings on Valentine’s Day. However, one year, because of a strong wind, the deliveries didn’t go as planned.

Scarlet lives in a field of flowers. Her bedroom is built on an old sunflower, decorated with pink flower hearts and has a great view.

Imaginary Dogs

These creatures came from sketches done in my morning pages. They started out as a random shape, that I move around until I find something I can work with in that shape, and then pull a creature out of it.

Chili is a dapper little dog. He’s an explorer of the city and knows all the fun dog parks and yummy eating spots.

Brinkley is a Thief of Hearts, that grow in his neighbor’s gardens. He steals them and hides them in the wood pile behind his family’s shed.

Kringle Kitty Sketchbook

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the first few days of the new year. I closed the studio down for a few days so that we could just enjoy the holiday and hang out with family. (Don’t worry, mom was still getting cards!).

John and I went to Florida to see our daughter and other family members. It was nice and warm. We played card games like Cover Your Assets and Skull King. We were having a great time. We were thinking of extending our stay but we got a call on New Year’s morning from my father-in-law that the roof was leaking on our house.

Happy New Year, eh?


He said the roof leaked all the way into the living room and basement….again😱😱😱😱😱

Our wonderful neighbors threw a tarp on the roof. We weren’t in Florida but for a few days and drove back up to NY that weekend (ugh). Today the solar people came to remove a panel to assess the issue. Apparently a RACCOON was trying to eat his/her way into our house. It somehow squeezed under the panel. My husband repaired the roof. Solar panel was replaced. Now we are on critter watch.

In the meantime, as promised, I added embellishments to my Kringle Kitty sketchbook. I created a video to show a flip through of the book and if you look closely your see that each page has something more 3D-ish added to it. I haven’t done many videos so forgive the abrupt ending.

Doodles and cats

I started doing a doodle a day to throw into the mix of all the other things I am working on. It just takes a few moments to fill out a pre made box and I put it away until the next day. Here is a full week’s worth of doodles.

Also, here is another cat that I am mailing to my mom.