Kringle Kitty Sketchbook

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the first few days of the new year. I closed the studio down for a few days so that we could just enjoy the holiday and hang out with family. (Don’t worry, mom was still getting cards!).

John and I went to Florida to see our daughter and other family members. It was nice and warm. We played card games like Cover Your Assets and Skull King. We were having a great time. We were thinking of extending our stay but we got a call on New Year’s morning from my father-in-law that the roof was leaking on our house.

Happy New Year, eh?


He said the roof leaked all the way into the living room and basement….again😱😱😱😱😱

Our wonderful neighbors threw a tarp on the roof. We weren’t in Florida but for a few days and drove back up to NY that weekend (ugh). Today the solar people came to remove a panel to assess the issue. Apparently a RACCOON was trying to eat his/her way into our house. It somehow squeezed under the panel. My husband repaired the roof. Solar panel was replaced. Now we are on critter watch.

In the meantime, as promised, I added embellishments to my Kringle Kitty sketchbook. I created a video to show a flip through of the book and if you look closely your see that each page has something more 3D-ish added to it. I haven’t done many videos so forgive the abrupt ending.

Doodles and cats

I started doing a doodle a day to throw into the mix of all the other things I am working on. It just takes a few moments to fill out a pre made box and I put it away until the next day. Here is a full week’s worth of doodles.

Also, here is another cat that I am mailing to my mom.

Sketchbook & Sketches

I recently made another sketchbook. I really love the cold press Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper so I buy it in bulk and make my own sketchbooks. I recently filled a Handbook sketchbook and didn’t have any other landscape format sketchbooks so instead of buying one, I made one.

The cover is a copy of two plein air paintings that I did in pastel.

I also made two pamphlet style sketchbooks using Strathmore 400 series drawing paper. I am saving those for International Fake Journal Month.

Lastly, a few sketches I did at breakfast this morning…..

Making sketchbooks

Recently I have been spending some time making my own sketchbooks. I like making my own because when you make your own sketchbook, you can customize it any way you want.

There are several going on here….the following photos give you an idea of the process…

Below is the inside of one book….this is just before stitching the text block


You can see the stitching below….I am using the long stitch.

This a completed book below….

Another book all set up to be assembled. I used copies of art from my sketchbooks as covers. I use a good inkjet printer and good paper.

Here are three covers drying. I give them an overnight or a full day for the glue to dry.

Sketch from Wednesday

Good afternoon!

Below is a sketch I did with my sketch group this past week. We get together once a week, pick a subject and we bring in those items to sketch. I didn’t get much sketching time this week because I was taking care of some administrative stuff for the group, but I did get a little bit of time to do this sketch of a can of WD 40.

Also this week, I have been busy with projects and I have been making some sketchbooks. The second photo is of sketchbook covers of in progress. They were wet so the paper was still bubbly, but like stretched watercolor, it evens out as it dries. I blew up my own sketches to use as covers. I like to make my own sketchbooks because I can customize the sizes and the paper in them.

I will try to remember to post some of the finished books.

Have a good weekend!

Morning sketch and…

So some of you are having Zombie doll withdrawal. I could do a holiday version, lol.

Here is the next book in progress….I was just getting started….you should see that table nowπŸ˜‚.

The book I am working on is 4.5 x 6. I also have a 6×9 I am working on as well. I paint them first and then work in them.

Also, here is this morning’s post…..

And last but not least

The front cover is another doll from the attic. Her hat was in one container and she was in another. It’s a porcelain doll. Not sure how she survived being bounced around in a container but I will need to correct that before putting her away. I took liberties with painting this one as well.

This is the last zombie doll for now. I do have another sketchbook ready for another zombie idea so look for that down the line. I will be working on a holiday sketchbook that I have to sew together and paint today. The holidays will bring lots of fun stuff.

Scroll down for today’s sketch….

Today’s sketch was a lemur I had saved in my queue in Sktchy. I look at this photo thinking how animals must feel with people gawking at them all time.

Back cover of Zombie doll book

This doll was actually one of my favorite sketches when I was first sketching out the idea for this series. I saved it for the back cover.

I had to play on the “keep calm” signs that are everywhere these days. This doll was fun because it was from my head, not a real doll that I had posing in my studio.

One more to go…..I am working some ideas for the next series.

Today’s morning sketch was inspired by Sktchy. I sketched the image and then photocopied it and put it on a card to give to my husband. It was a nice way for him to start his day.

Here is the sketch before I photocopied it…I try to sketch something in my morning pages every morning.

Innocent? Or not?

Kinda perky for being creepy, lol!   

A reminder to come see our sketchbook show at the Patchogue Medford Library!

The sketch below was done this morning using a Sktchy reference photo.  I love the color, would love to know what this bird is.