Kringle Kitty Sketchbook

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope that everyone is enjoying the first few days of the new year. I closed the studio down for a few days so that we could just enjoy the holiday and hang out with family. (Don’t worry, mom was still getting cards!). John and I went to Florida to seeContinue reading “Kringle Kitty Sketchbook”

Sketchbook & Sketches

I recently made another sketchbook. I really love the cold press Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper so I buy it in bulk and make my own sketchbooks. I recently filled a Handbook sketchbook and didn’t have any other landscape format sketchbooks so instead of buying one, I made one. The cover is a copy of twoContinue reading “Sketchbook & Sketches”

Morning sketch and…

So some of you are having Zombie doll withdrawal. I could do a holiday version, lol. Here is the next book in progress….I was just getting started….you should see that table now😂. The book I am working on is 4.5 x 6. I also have a 6×9 I am working on as well. I paintContinue reading “Morning sketch and…”

And last but not least

The front cover is another doll from the attic. Her hat was in one container and she was in another. It’s a porcelain doll. Not sure how she survived being bounced around in a container but I will need to correct that before putting her away. I took liberties with painting this one as well.Continue reading “And last but not least”

Back cover of Zombie doll book

This doll was actually one of my favorite sketches when I was first sketching out the idea for this series. I saved it for the back cover. I had to play on the “keep calm” signs that are everywhere these days. This doll was fun because it was from my head, not a real dollContinue reading “Back cover of Zombie doll book”

Mischief Part 2

Here is the doll that shares the spread with yesterday’s doll. This is the entire spread with the tab and quote: Yesterday evening, I went to the library to do a community art project called Celebrate, Honor, Remember.  The library staff has pieces of wood that they encourage people to paint a memorial plaque forContinue reading “Mischief Part 2”