Getting out to sketch

It was time to get out out to do some sketching. We took Mack for a ride to sit on the causeway. You can always find a nice breeze here. Even in the middle of summer, we still get a breeze.

As I am writing this, an osprey just snagged a fish out of the water. There were terns earlier. Mack is barking at some dogs and their people. How dare they walk so close to our vehicle! He’s sitting on John’s lap getting his belly scratched and protecting the Realm.

We pulled into a shady parking spot but the sun slowly dropped beneath the horizon. We should go on the North side and look for the meteor shower.

A photo of my twilight sketch complete with the on location photo…

Pen and ink with watercolor sketch of palm tree overlooking the Indian River West bank in Jensen Beach by Gina Lento
Jensen Beach Causeway
Pen and ink with watercolor sketch of palm tree overlooking the Indian River West bank in Jensen Beach by Gina Lento taken on the dashboard of our car after finishing the sketch
Sketch on location

After the Storm

We sat in the car by the Indian River as Isaias was trekking north. I sketched this to the patter of raindrops and to “Fluffy” the comedian, being totally snarky about his show in Delhi.

Sketching with my iPad

I was the biggest skeptic of digital “art.” It seemed too easy to draw over photos. Every time I saw a digital portrait on Instagram, I passed because I thought it was too perfect. Then I joined the SKTCHY app on the iPhone and I saw more digital portraits. Some looked way to perfect, but others had that look where you can tell the artist did it by observing, not copying. I was still skeptical.

Then I saw the David Hockney exhibit at the Met. I walked into a room where there was a large Digital screen and on it were David Hockney’s paintings done on the iPad using Procreate. There is a feature where you can loop the drawing process and they were playing that on the screen. You can see the entire drawing and painting process. I was enthralled. Amazed. SMITTEN. I sat down on the floor not caring who was around me and I was in Heaven. WOW.

I walked out of there with a whole new appreciation of digital art and how it can actually BE art. You can use the iPad as a sketching tool. A tool to create cartoons and animation. I have even mimicked collage on the iPad. I follow a Hong Kong artist named Rob Sketcherman and I was impressed with his digital urban sketches. (Alas, I haven’t seen many posts from Rob lately, I hope he and his family are ok with Hong Kong’s issues.) I starting to use the iPad to urban sketch and I love playing with various features to see what happens. There’s always the “Undo” button if I don’t like something. I also like that I can pull a painting or sketch into Procreate and work from the original to create something new. I did that the other day with the Unicorn post.

Below is an example of an urban sketch (on location) that I did back at the end of June. I have been wanting to get out and sketch more but I have to adapt to the new world we have now.

At least I can still get out……


Three Hour Tour

This boat was capsized for a long while. I found this sketch among the ones that weren’t posted. It was done in a homemade sketchbook using Fabriano cold press paper, which you can see is quite textured. Since this sketch was completed, the boat was moved over by a marina. I guess someone will attempt to fix the water damage. The water near the causeway bridge is quite shallow and for some reason tipped boats are not unusual.

Sketches from this week

Occasionally I like to go out sketching with a group. Since I moved to Florida this past autumn, I haven’t had the chance to get out out to sketch with any local groups. Then the corona virus hit so I guess it will be a while before I do that again. However, all is not lost. My friends at the NYC Urban Sketchers have found a way to sketch virtually so I joined them today on Facebook.

The theme was to pick your dream vacation spot so I chose the French Riviera. Here is my two page spread.

Next, I have two of my morning routine sketches and also, my daily doodles for this week.


Ice breaker

I had to get out of the house so I went to a local nursery to sketch. It is a very peaceful place and everyone there is so happy. Sketching there is like meditation.

Spirit Kitty and the Budweiser Clydesdales come to Patchogue

Here is today’s kitty:

This was an exciting day because the Budweiser Clydesdales came to our town! They we here to celebrate 85 years of the repeal of Prohibition. Plus, Blue Point Brewery is getting ready to open at their new location on Main Street. I was lucky (and smart) to get a great spot to do some sketching! I managed some time to do one of the trucks and the big guy right in front of me. It was very exciting to be able to sketch them. The new Blue Point Brewery is behind the truck.

Also, some photos! Main Street was packed from Waverly to just east of the Theater but I knew they were marching all the way to the east end of Main Street and the crowd was surprisingly lean there.

Oh, and today’s Inktober sketch….

Nocturnal Kitty

John dragged me out of the house this evening. Still groggy from this cold or whatever sinus thing I am getting over. So annoying. All I want to do is nap and cough. A friend reminded me of the benefits of tea and that’s been helping the cough.

One thing about being a dedicated sketcher. I can sit anywhere and find something to draw. I never used to be that way. The irony is when I was in college, we were asked to fill up a sketchbook in a week and we were all freaking out. Now I would be like “just one?” 😂

Ahh, youth is wasted on the young.

So although I feel blasé, I managed to sketch the tree in front of a local Church on Main Street. It was there and I needed to draw SOMETHING. I figured while I was out I would do an Urban Sketch with kitty.

Kitty is resting under the tree. She had too many oysters from mooching so she needs to sleep them off.

This evening I kept is simple. My favorite, ink and washes.