The finished kitty book

I have been busy working on a few projects that have deadlines, so I haven’t been on social media very much.

I finally tweaked this sketchbook so I could do the video of the completed book. This sketchbook is handmade. I usually use the Strathmore 9×12 watercolor paper for these 6×9 books. They don’t take much time to make and I love doing them!

The interior was done with pan pastels but I had to do the exterior with acrylic because pastels can rub off. That’s why there are dividers between the pages.

Enjoy the video!

Kringle Kitty Sketchbook

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the first few days of the new year. I closed the studio down for a few days so that we could just enjoy the holiday and hang out with family. (Don’t worry, mom was still getting cards!).

John and I went to Florida to see our daughter and other family members. It was nice and warm. We played card games like Cover Your Assets and Skull King. We were having a great time. We were thinking of extending our stay but we got a call on New Year’s morning from my father-in-law that the roof was leaking on our house.

Happy New Year, eh?


He said the roof leaked all the way into the living room and basement….again😱😱😱😱😱

Our wonderful neighbors threw a tarp on the roof. We weren’t in Florida but for a few days and drove back up to NY that weekend (ugh). Today the solar people came to remove a panel to assess the issue. Apparently a RACCOON was trying to eat his/her way into our house. It somehow squeezed under the panel. My husband repaired the roof. Solar panel was replaced. Now we are on critter watch.

In the meantime, as promised, I added embellishments to my Kringle Kitty sketchbook. I created a video to show a flip through of the book and if you look closely your see that each page has something more 3D-ish added to it. I haven’t done many videos so forgive the abrupt ending.

Cat sketches

My husband and I are taking a holiday break, so I will be posting cat sketches for a few days.

Here are 4 pages from my sketch book. This sketchbook is for raw ideas and raw sketches. These aren’t polished works, they are where that polished art gets hatched. I scribble and doodle until I find something that I want to develop further.

I am playing around with two photos of cats for ideas. By doing different versions of the same cats, I come up with other ideas on what to create based on the sketches.

1 day before Christmas

A little bit of information about this book….I wanted to do a 12 days before Christmas countdown. As I worked on the book, I put numbers out of order so I have corrected that. I also want to add some embellishments which I will post over the next few days. This page is actually the cover. It is the day before Christmas today, but when I hang it next year it will be in the correct order.

Happy Christmas Eve!