Autumn Salad

John and I have been trying to be very careful and eat healthier foods. We occasionally indulge in not so healthy foods, but ever since we discovered the Brown Derby Cobb Salad at Hollywood Studios, we realized how easy it was to make a salad a meal, and get a ton of veggies in our daily meals.

There are ingredients in the cobb salad that I’ll sub out for something healthier like the bacon or less pungent, like the blue cheese. There are so many substitutes that I have been having a lot of fun with meals these days. Turkey bacon works great and so does feta. I especially like making the salad look pretty before I toss it. I also carefully measure the dressing and I use lower fat dressings.

Cobb salad calls for red wine vinegar, which I love and I have a favorite brand, but for seasonal salads like autumn, vinegars like apple cider vinegar, give it a different twist.

This visual concoction is something I would actually prepare!

Cinnamon roll

Ok, this project or challenge to complete a food related item every day in October is making me hungry for the things on the list.

And I am trying to behave.

But Cinnamon Rolls?

Good thing there’s not a bakery near me.

The inspiration for this illustration came from my sketchbook…

Mulled Wine

One of wintry beverages made for cold nights is mulled wine. You can buy the spices in a spice bag or packet at a specialty shop, wine store or sometimes the local supermarkets have them. It’s perfect for sipping by a hot fire or when you attending an outdoor autumn/winter gathering. When I think of mulled wine I think of cold snowy winter evenings, Christmas tree lots under lights or a cozy pub with a roaring fire.

Now that I live in Florida, winters are brief and they aren’t cold enough for hot mulled wine. But then, I can sit on the beach and enjoy a nice breeze on a winter evening, instead.

PS. I had coffee in this mug today and improvised the color of of the contents. There is an etched flower on the glass but it would not have worked here.

S’MOREs and Live Critter Sunday

Well I am still hanging in there. Day 3 and it looks like I am hanging with the THEY DRAW AND COOK list so far. I am know some folks are looking for the Little Witch Series and that is going on in the background. I just haven’t decided how or when I want to post those.

For now, here’s a S’mores “poem.”

Also, I live in Central Florida in a small area most folks don’t know exist. You know you are off the beaten path in Florida when you see these signs:

Yes, that is a bear and we do have black bears around here. They like to help out the neighbors by “spit shinin’ ” their grills, lol.

P is for Pretzel

I belong to an illustrator’s group and we recently had an A-Z challenge. I played with all sorts of lettering… I thought of all sorts of ideas, notes jotted, ideas written out…. but couldn’t get anything on paper until we did a Zoom last week and a pretzel was one of the objects for us to draw. Many of the illustrators commented about drawing pretzels and where you could get the best pretzels or whose bagged pretzels were the best. (I kept quiet, knowing that the Philly Pretzel is the best soft pretzel, especially right out of the oven.)

I sketched a bunch of Pretzels. Tried different versions. Tried pastels, tried gouache….

Until finally, my finished piece.

P is for Pretzels

I separated the different types, soft, hard, candy covered and I just had to add a pretzel bun.

Georgie is about to have a bad day

I have a few “prepped” homemade sketchbooks with patterned backgrounds that I use for characters. Sort of like a staged background. Today I used the background to randomly “find” a character.

This guy almost jumped off the page. But then he looks very terrier-ish so that would be normal for a terrier.

Georgie is a happy guy. Everyone loves him except……

The Cat Bully….