My West Side Story project

I signed up for a bundled group of workshops back in November, before John was laid off, that were running this year. They are for building my on line portfolio. April’s assignment was West Side Story. I actually found this assignment to be a lot of fun, however, a lot of work. It was doneContinue reading “My West Side Story project”

Feeling a bit crabby

A few years ago I took a year long class with Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple, called Year of the Spark. One of the assignments was automatic writing in little booklets that we made just for the purpose of writing in them. I have done a bunch of them and occasionally I use them asContinue reading “Feeling a bit crabby”


I signed up for Carla Sonheim’s 365 workshop for 2018. Everyday there is something in your email. A lesson, a prompt, a quote, sometimes an interview with a variety of artists (visual, musicians, literary). I have found that the random pick (two words picked out of a hat) are great for filling that sketch boxContinue reading “Kangaroo/gift”

Horses and yesterday’s Inktober Sketch

I spent over a week researching and working on this map that I did as a very belated Sketchbook Skool Assignment.  I was away when the class was “in session” and I mulled over ideas and nothing really inspired me until I saw they were requesting maps for Asia.  Then I had to mull thatContinue reading “Horses and yesterday’s Inktober Sketch”

Making a statement with a sketch

Today’s sktchy prompt was Art Activism. I went to the local aquarium today….I saw some creatures that I know are struggling against human greed and indifference. I took a photo of a snow monkey and used him for my #sktchy30 #day13. In the sketch, I used the poem “all things bright and beautiful” and addedContinue reading “Making a statement with a sketch”