Today’s sketches….

Playing a lot of catch up…..

This is a sketch that I just did at Barnes & Noble and I see that on my haste to move on to something else, I forgot to date this so I will do that now….both subjects were pretty stationary so I was able to easily draw them.

Below is today’s Sktchy….

#87 “Which came first;  the chicken or the cat” I used this inspiration to try out some new stuff in my sketchbook.  I only have a few pages left to finish in this sketchbook before it goes up on the shelf with the others.  This is pen & ink, acrylics and watercolor.

Below are some lettering exercises….I left the napkin on the table at Barnes and Noble….maybe someone will like it or maybe it will get tossed in the trash.

This one with the blue-green watercolor was written with a brush…..

Something from my morning pages…..some more lettering “play.”

Today’s sketch

National Puppy Day….most of my gear is packed in the trunk of the car so I did this with what I had with me…..the more we travel with our Chihuahuas, the more I wish we had an RV.

This is very loosely done….we just checked into our hotel a short time ago and I need to get some sleep before our final leg to NY.  I wanted to make sure I got my daily Sktchy done, we were packing and running around cleaning the Florida house before we hit the road…. At least the woman, who’s reference photo this pup belongs to, likes the sketch!

Fountain pen maintenance day

Fountain pens must either be used daily or they need to be flushed weekly.  Today was flushing day…..shamefully, a few pens needed a cold bath today….however, all are well and happy now.

Today, I took a J Harbin mini fountain pen on a road test.  After I flushed it I filled it and used it to sketch this chicken…..

I love the color of this chicken and may revisit this subject another time. I have had this little fountain pen for a while and it is a bit banged up but It performed well when sketching this. I used to have Pilot pink ink in it and never used it. I cleaned and reloaded it with Noodlers Bullet Proof Ink and as you can see, it handled the drawing quite well and it didn’t run when watercolor was added.


A bunch of sketches!

Wow, you guys are really in for a treat tonight….I finally finished the sketchbook!  Here are the last two sketches….

You’re going to need to scroll all the way down for Sktchy # 32….

Tonight was sketch night.  We have been doing our Sketch Nights at the Library for the winter….tonight we sketched shoes and I showed everyone another way to do the shoes a la Danny Gregory….

And finally, here is this evenings Sktchy…

   This sort of just happened….I loosely scribbled this sketch in my morning pages…. I scanned it in and reduced it to 3.5 x 2.5 so I could fit it on an artist trading card.  I smooshed cray pas on the back of the photocopy and then transferred it to the trading card……The final result is on the bottom of the page.

Today’s Sktchy #31

Today is the last day of January.  One month down, 11 to go.  I haven’t decided how I want to proceed with February.  I have been jotting down different ideas for changing things up for February so I don’t get stale…Do I do Artist Trading Cards? (ATCs) Do I start off the month with something related to Valentine’s Day?  Hmmm….

“Austheia” Only two more Sktchy drawings to go to finish this sketchbook!  I am debating on finishing off the book tonight so I can start something new for February. Stay tuned.

Art Before Breakfast using breakfast food

I am taking Carla Sonheim’s 365 Days class and our assignment today was to create art from a non art supply.  

We bought that high protein/fiber pancake mix (Kodiak) from Costco, so we decided to have pancakes this morning for breakfast.  John sometimes works from home so while he was on a conference call, I made these pancakes.

I wanted to use the pancake mix to

 create something….my first attempt fell apart when I flipped it…..(so I ate it.)

Then I thought, let me do a solid heart

Then I decided to spell out the word “love.”

I forgot to take a photo of the V in the pan.

And some leftover batter !

To spell out:

And then I added some strawberries 

My husband loved it!

Sketch and new skill acquired

Since I already posted a sketch yesterday, I didn’t post this sketch that I did at Starbucks yesterday evening.  I was trying some different things in tbis sketch.

This evening I took a class at the library and I FINALLY learned how to make a sketchbook with the Coptic Stitch.  That was a big bucket list achievement for me.  I am pretty excited about it.  Here is the book….

Finally, I downloaded my top 9 of 2016 for Instagram.  I did pretty well, my favorite sketch of the 9 was the 99 Red Balloons.