Firefly Again

This past week was Poses week. I revamped my character again. I actually like trying different things to see what works. Different approaches, different color palettes. Shake things up a bit. This course is for portfolio building so why not push things harder to see where I can go with it?

The color palette for this group was picked by my 4 year old grandson. I emailed the family and I did the girls’ choice last week. This week it was CJ’s turn. The glasses last week were Julian’s when he used to wear them.

All 5 of these fireflies were done in my Soul Journal that John bought for me as a Mother’s Day gift, several years ago, from Innovative Journaling. It’s a leather journal that is refillable. I can put two refills in it which means I can put two different types of paper in there. It’s 5.5 x 8.5 which is a nice size to work on.

I did all 5 on their own page. The paper is Arches text wove and it handles wet media nicely. I’ve used watercolor and acrylic on this paper as well.

Phragmites Troll

Oooooo this guy’s a true environmental pest. PT hides in phragmites marshes to gather up the seeds for spreading to other wetlands.

Phragmites is an invasive plant here on the East Coast and it has been choking out native species like the cattails.


Angus is a Scottish Mustached Terrier. He is very proud of his mustache and keeps it combed and groomed. Angus doesn’t like windy days.

Angus started out as a mark on paper ( in my morning pages) that basically formed his whiskers and and I worked out from there.

I used watered down acrylics for this one plus other media…..