Emmy by the pool

Emmy has a coiled rope wrapped “boing” that we put her on outside. She’s in an screened enclosure so she’s safe from predators. When I go for my morning swim, Emmy talks, chirps, whistles and I mimic her as I am swimming. I sketched this the other day, after my swim.

Done digitally on Procreate:

Emmy by the pool

Laughing gulls

These guys nest on the East Coast. They are a summer staple along the New Jersey coastline. Growing up, we went down the Shore every summer and our summer days were filled with laughing gull calls.

Note: people from South Jersey and Philadelphia do not call it the “Jersey Shore.” 😱 We call it “down the Shore.” As soon as we hear the term “Jersey shore,” we have you pegged as not being from the Philly/South Jersey region.

Back to the laughing gulls….they come up early from the southern beaches and in late Spring you can hear them for miles along the Delaware Bay, it’s like one giant gull party. It’s one of the best sounds of the Spring. They nest in the salt marshes and their favorite natural food is horseshoe crab eggs. They’re favorite junk food is the stolen sandwiches from toddlers. It’s hilarious to see a small child running with food and a laughing gull dives and deftly snatches it from their hands. Priceless.

Here are two mixed media laughing gulls.


Five Minute Sketch

This is a 5 min sketch done in my morning pages. If I can’t think of anything to draw, I go to my saved photos in Sktchy, set the timer for 5 minutes and get moving. I set the timer for 5 minutes because I am doing them in my morning pages and I only want to spend a short period of time doing them. In the past, I would spend a lot of time and then would be behind the rest of my day, so now I set the timer and not use perfectionism to procrastinate. My goal here was to capture some of the line quality that I saw in Hockney’s sketches. And I love sketching sea gulls!

Pun intended

I was scrolling through my saved Sktchy photos this morning and saw this photo and the caption just popped into my head…..😂

My morning routine is down to a page. I used to do a two page format but I switched to a one page format for December and I like it so much I may stick with it. Now there is a sketch on every page. Maybe for tomorrow’s post I will post the new format.

The sketchbook I am using for my morning pages is the $5 Artist Loft from Michaels and it handles Tombows (and waterbrush) quite well with no bleed on the other side. I am quite astounded and impressed. It’s perfect for my early morning “soccer drill” sketches.