Carve December Day 7

This morning, I let the dog children outside so they could go potty. I saw movement over by our potted flowers when low and behold, I spotted a hummingbird! I couldn’t get close enough to see any details, but it was a busy little bugger. Last night we had Great Horned Owls hooting it up, today, itty bitty hummingbirds.

Any time I see a special creature in the wild, I am truly grateful for that gift of nature. Taking the time to notice one’s surroundings can be full if wondrous things. Today was one of those days.

I played around with a hummingbird design today in between painting and putting up holiday decorations.

2 thoughts on “Carve December Day 7

    1. ❤️. My neighbors were all excited about the hummingbirds. I can hear them around the house because of their wings. It’s amazing what you see and hear when you just pay attention.

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