Carve December Day 5

Here is today’s stamp:

The only thing about doing stamps where I am trying to create a character or scene is, they take longer to make, because I have to keep making test prints to see how it looks. I did two pages of test prints before I made it to this stage.

Carve December Day 4

Day 4’s prompt is “little.” I decided to make a little kitty based on one of my Kringle Kitty designs. I winged it, drawing the image directly on the Speedy Carve. The nice thing about these small carvings is they don’t take a lot of time. The hardest part of the whole process is getting past what I want to carve.

I used a small piece of Speedy Carve. I carved the image first and then I decided to remove the background. After stamping it a few times, I cut back the shape a little to minimize the carved background.

This was a delicate piece and the cutter slipped a few times so I had to make adjustments. I try to work slow but occasionally I knick the rubber which means that I have to make adjustments, especially on these smaller pieces.

The small stamps are really fun to make. If you think these are difficult, they really aren’t. The main ingredient is patience and not being hung up on being perfect. During December, they are especially useful as a meditative practice before I get to work on other things, like commissions.

Ktingle Kitty Stamp

Carve December Day 3

Dotty is today’s prompt. I chose my design to give myself some practice with circles. I could have used a punch tool if I wanted perfect circles. But looking over the total pattern as a whole, I really like the wonkiness of the carved circles. They look like wet malformed snow flakes, lol. I may have to import this pattern into Procreate and use it for designs.

That is what’s really nice about Carve December. I can use my stamps to create all sorts of patterns and designs. Something to keep in mind for January after things calm down.

Carve December Day 2

Here is my Day 2 Carve December stamp. The prompt is “metal” and my husband thought a chain shape would be cool. I sketched my shape first in pencil. The speedy carve was a weird shape that I utilized and incorporated into my design.

I realized, after I finished carving it, that I could “link it” to create a long chain pattern, which could come in handy for larger patterns.

Carve December Day 2

Carve December

It’s December 1 and it’s the beginning of a new month long challenge.

I like this challenge because I get to carve stamps and use them to create some fun patterns. Last year I made random Christmas cards out of bits and pieces of my patterns and stamps. Everyone received their own “one of a kind” art for the 2021 holidays. One of these years I want to carve the entire card.

Today’s stamp took me a while because I couldn’t get past the prompt until I decided to just take a random piece of “speedy carve” and just do the first thing that came into my head. in this case, a random feather shape. The prompt is gentle and this was the only thing that I could think of.

Happy New Year!

The last sketch of the holiday season and the last stamp carving for the Carve December Challenge. Stamps also seem to be ‘on the menu.” The full pile created this month…

I used the stamp in the sketch.


What’s better than a sleigh with 8 reindeer? A sleigh with 8 cats! Santa’s annual run was over. He’s looking forward to a long rest. This year was stressful. The reindeer went AWOL so Santa had to use the barn cats. The elves all got sick. There was a blizzard over most of North America. He found out he’s gluten intolerant and can’t eat most cookies anymore. He did discover oat milk and the kids have been leaving out almond milk and coconut milk instead of cow’s milk so he felt much better this year.

It’s time to feed the cats a nice juicy meal for helping him out. He checked in the elves who seem to be feeling better. The local ranger found the reindeer scarfing up hay at a local dairy barn and is returning them in the morning. Time for a glass of wine and a book by the fire. But he may decide to watch the Mandalorian instead.

And today’s stamp.


The prompt for today is piñata. I chose to do this one in my sketchbook instead of the iPad. I winged this one with materials that I had on hand and used what I had in my sketch bag. Sometimes having your options limited is a good thing.

Today’s stamp carving is also an exercise out of Carve, Stamp, Play, though not carved exactly the same, but I made it my own. I added the test print to the page with the two borders.