Sloth plant revealed

I haven’t been posting these but this week is a little different. It was a sad week but it was also a week where the sloth plant finally bloomed.

Sloth plant you ask? Yeah, what was that plant I called the “sloth plant?” I wasn’t giving this plant it’s given name until I saw flowers! Sloth plant is a dry loving, sun loving, slow growing plant. It’s an 18 month old cutting from a plumeria, aka Hawaiian lei flower, so “ta da!!!” Sloth plant is a Plumeria!

It took 18 months to flower. Lots of sun and patience. If you want to grow a plumeria in the Northeast, you have to have a full sunny window for it in the winter and it doesn’t like the cold.

We had it in a pot and we transplanted it to the front flower bed, where it is really happy! It does get cold here in the winter but I noticed that there are plumerias all over Jensen Beach and my part of Port St Lucie and they made it through the cold nights here, but they would die in a Northeast winter outside.

I want to get more in different colors. They are definitely worth it. So pretty and the flowers last a few days.

Sloth plant blooms
A neighbor’s plumeria


I haven’t posted these in a while. Sometimes, I put something on my page that I am not really sure that I want to share yet until I am able to follow through on that little box that could lead to something else.

A nice thing about Florida is the plants can grow year round…..However, the squirrels are also here year round. They stole a baby eggplant and buried it. John found it when he was watering the garden.

Yesterday morning, when John and I were looking at our few meager veggie plants. I looked up at the screen house and I said to hubby, “What is that in the corner of the screen house?” Earlier, two squirrels were chasing each other on top of the screen house….now we know why….one of them must have stolen a green bell pepper and left it in the corner of the screen house, or dropped it and it rolled to the corner, but there is was, in all it’s green glory, just short of being usable. Now we need to get some garden netting, brats.

This morning, I was outside doing my writing and drawing routine, and the sky started to darken. I said to hubby that I think the 20% chance of thunderstorms is going to be 100% chance. he made a comment about 20% chance usually is bad news and 80% means we’re getting nothing. Well, we got the thunderstorms at the 20% chance and they started around 9-ish and round 4 is rumbling in the distance and it is after 2. So much for the 20% chance of T-storms today.

A rare treat, the new spread for this week. I tried going back to just boxes, but they were boring.

After the Storm

We sat in the car by the Indian River as Isaias was trekking north. I sketched this to the patter of raindrops and to “Fluffy” the comedian, being totally snarky about his show in Delhi.

Are your dogs friendly?

No, they are not. Sorry. Please don’t bring your dog/child over here.

This sketch was done digitally with Procreate while I was sitting by the Indian River. The whole scene was done from my imagination.

The other evening, we took Chloe and Mack down to sit by the Indian River. There was a gorgeous cooling breeze and we were relaxing with the dog children. Of course, here comes the dithering older lady with her dog and her mask hanging under her chin. I eyed up the mask, breeze was in our favor. No one around us and here comes the 6 foot distance infringer with a dog. Really?

“No, sorry, they aren’t friendly.” She seemed confused with this answer and was still approaching when Mack erupted in a series of “Protecting the Realm” barks. He can be quite intimidating when he wants to be. She stopped and again I told her they weren’t friendly and I apologized. (Actually a bald faced lie but she didn’t have to know that.) She hung around us a few minutes but seriously, when someone tells you their dog isn’t friendly, why would you still walk your dog near the people? Especially with a 6 foot social distancing rule?

I was trying to be nice. I could have said, “Lady, please don’t bring your dog over here because I don’t want them getting hurt by your much larger dog and I want to sit and enjoy the evening with my husband and I don’t want to socialize with you and the mask on your chin.” They always say their dog won’t hurt yours but I don’t know that and I don’t want my very tiny dog getting hurt. All dogs are unpredictable. Chloe has a broken ear because of another dog. Plus I want to sit outside and enjoy the evening air without speaking to a stranger. Pandemic sucks.

She wandered away and my husband looked at me. I shrugged, sorry. He knew why I lied to her. People just don’t listen and they want to approach Chloe and Mack with their dogs. It’s easier to lie so they’ll go away. If they were alone with no dog or children, we’d let them pet them.

I sketched this ‘toon right after the lady left. The point of it was to show the size difference and it is very scary to us when you approach with a larger dog. Chloe was sitting on my lap and Mack was on the little table that should have had my water while I sketched this.

I get it. I want to hug everyone tiny dog I see, too. Chihuahuas are tiny and cute but they are very delicate and easily injured. Chihuahuas aren’t bad dogs, although they can be quite intimidating. They bark to protect themselves and their families. THAT is their defense mechanism. Please use common sense when approaching someone with any toy dog especially if you have a dog with you. It’s better to be safe than to be responsible for a accident.

Plus, we are supposed to be social distancing. I get nervous when people get close to me, too.

Drawing people

I have a daily practice of drawing people. If no one is handy, I use the SKTCHY app for reference. I do two types of sketches. A five minute timed sketch and a Cheater Blind Contour sketch. I use brush fountain pens for the the timed 5 minute sketch. This helps with my brush skills. The other sketch, I use the big fat chunky Higgins Indian Ink Chisel marker that I received in my Artsnacks box back in May. I love that marker. I use the Uniball vision for the fine line.

Here are some examples of those people. Four of these were assignments from Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp. You’ll see more of these over the next couple of days….

Sketchbook with my “tools.”

This week’s sketches

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom’s out there…It’s another week during Corona Virus World. I have been spending my time creating art, which is business as usual for me.

We’ve been watching Ozark in the evenings and finished the first season and are in the second season. That series shows how lies just make people dig bigger and bigger holes for themselves.

Here is last week’s dailies….

I took Carla Sonheim’s 10th Year Anniversary class and one of the lessons was “Cheater Blind Contour” drawings which I love and I have been doing some every day.

Here are some:

And here are some combined with my brush pen 5 min timed drawings….. Enjoy!

April Dailies

Here are the daily doodles for the past four weeks. I just that I have three more weeks worth of pages in this sketchbook and I need to decide if I am

1) continuing these dailies (I like them so I probably will),

2) spend money on another 500 series Strathmore mixed media sketchbook (the dailies don’t need mixed media paper)

3) try one of the toned Strathmore paper sketchbooks of the same size which I have on hand (do I really want to do these on toned paper?) or

4) Make a sketchbook like the one I used when I first started doing these

So I have three weeks to figure out what I will be doing with these… the meantime here are the ones from the past four weeks….

Sketches from this week

Occasionally I like to go out sketching with a group. Since I moved to Florida this past autumn, I haven’t had the chance to get out out to sketch with any local groups. Then the corona virus hit so I guess it will be a while before I do that again. However, all is not lost. My friends at the NYC Urban Sketchers have found a way to sketch virtually so I joined them today on Facebook.

The theme was to pick your dream vacation spot so I chose the French Riviera. Here is my two page spread.

Next, I have two of my morning routine sketches and also, my daily doodles for this week.