Inktober Week 1

It’s Inktober…….again. Like an endless loop on Groundhog Day. I am a week behind with my postings but that’s ok because I figured it’s easier on your in boxes, lol. I am working on three simultaneous daily tasks. These are done every day just to keep the creative juices flowing. One is my daily postcardContinue reading “Inktober Week 1”

Little witch and kitty

(I almost left the poor little witch and her kitty in pilgrim land). The little witch was able to return from early America with the help of a witch who’s been dodging Salem witch hunters. The little witch used her historical knowledge of the time period to give the early American witch some useful informationContinue reading “Little witch and kitty”

Howdy Pilgrim?

The little witch was practicing her spells and somehow wound up in a 17th century Puritan village. She and kitty are a bit shocked and unfortunately they need to find a 17th century witch to help them. I left the brush markers behind in the family Florida house that I was using when I startedContinue reading “Howdy Pilgrim?”