Today’s kitty

The technique I used for this kitty is a mixture of ink and pencil. It was demo’d in Carla Sonheim’s 365 workshop of prompts. We used the technique with chicken sketches but I aksi used it for this kitty and a 5 minute Sktchy portrait. I’ve included all of the sketches here. I really likedContinue reading “Today’s kitty”

Today and yesterday’s kitty

Ooops, forgot to post these two kitties yesterday…water color blobs and drips turned kitty…the idea of using random shapes is sometimes it enables you to see an angle you normally wouldn’t have thought of on your own. Today’s kitty is a mixed media kitty, the shape was actually inspired by the background. I pulled thisContinue reading “Today and yesterday’s kitty”

Striped kitty

One thing I like about doing these kitty postcards for my mom is it gives me a chance to play with different media and techniques. Today’s kitty is one of those experimental kitties and I really enjoy doing them. It’s more about mixing things up to see how it turns out. This even includes whatContinue reading “Striped kitty”