Let’s Bake

This is a portfolio assignment in the course by Mike Lowery, “Getting Paid to Draw.” The Assignment was to create icons for a category of our choice. I chose baking since it is a commonly used illustration and is part of the 3X3 Illustration challenge. (In essence, I am killing two proverbial birds with one stone.)

Baking icons, Powdered sugar, vanilla, stand mixer, cocoa, baking soda, bowl/measuring cup, milk, flour, eggs line drawings with Procreate with periwinkle coloring, nutmeg done by ginalento.com

Coco Moloko figurine

This is the finished figurine before I bake it. I really should do a maquette of my characters because it makes drawing them a lot easier when there is a model. I find that I can translate the idea in my head to clay much better, too.

Plus working with clay is so relaxing. Off to the oven!

sketch pattern to stuffed doll

Here is the stuffed version of my Coco Moloko using what I had around my studio. I thought about going to buy glittery fabric for the frosting, or even just getting another color for the frosting and a different pink for the feet, but in the end I just used what I had in the studio. There are some things I would tweak if I made another one of these. Plus I would explore how to make other flavors. LOL

I also took Coco’s photo with the two kitties I made last year around Halloween. Both kitties were made from homemade patterns that I have been experimenting with.

Coco Moloko enjoying the sun

Coco Moloko

I am taking an illustrator’s workshop and we were given an assignment to illustrate a donut character created by ZoĆ« Tucker.

Here is my version of Coco Moloko.