Let’s Bake

This is a portfolio assignment in the course by Mike Lowery, “Getting Paid to Draw.” The Assignment was to create icons for a category of our choice. I chose baking since it is a commonly used illustration and is part of the 3X3 Illustration challenge. (In essence, I am killing two proverbial birds with one stone.)

Baking icons, Powdered sugar, vanilla, stand mixer, cocoa, baking soda, bowl/measuring cup, milk, flour, eggs line drawings with Procreate with periwinkle coloring, nutmeg done by ginalento.com

coco moloko pattern

The second part of the assignment was to create a toy idea for the donut character, Coco Moloko by Zoë Tucker. I started to create a small sculpture and then went back and reread the assignment and it said STUFFED. Drat. I quickly drew this using Procreate and then I proceeded to make a doll which I finished yesterday.

Here is the digital pattern design. I did make a more detailed version for making my doll, but this is the simplified version.

Coco Moloko

I am taking an illustrator’s workshop and we were given an assignment to illustrate a donut character created by Zoë Tucker.

Here is my version of Coco Moloko.