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Temp job

Carla Sonheim's 365 class, Fun with food February 16, 2018

I am taking Carla Sonheim’s 2018 365 days of inspiration. One of the prompts this month was “temp job,” to create temporary “art.” Two of my grandkids visited over the weekend, so I baked a heart cake that I assembled by using square and circle cake pans. We cooled the cakes and my husband and I assembled and frosted them We left the decorating to our three year old granddaughter… you can see, she was a little bit heavy on the embellishments….And yes, the cake was VERY temporary!

Sketching at Swell Taco

Fun with food, Pen & ink, Plein air, Sketches, Urban Sketchers, Watercolor August 30, 2017

Well I realized that I had only 3 stamped pastel panels so I started an 8×10 oil today…’s still in progress so I won’t be showing that one yet.  Instead, here is the sketch I did at Swell Taco PGSB night in Patchogue.  We sketched the hostess, Britt, in a taco costume and we got a taco when we handed the sketch to our waitress….

Here is my sketch…

A new look, sketches and other fun stuff

Acrylic/Mixed Media, Collage, Fun with food, Pen & ink, Sketches, Sktchy, Tombow, Watercolor March 30, 2017

Today I did some housekeeping on this blog and I gave it a new look.  I didn’t intend to but I was adding another blog, (more on that in a bit) and one thing led to another.  I added Social Media links and some other things.  If you get a chance let me know what you think.  I’ll probably add more but in the meantime, I changed the template to something a little more feature rich.

“Into the woods…” 9×12 Mixed Media Collage Today’s Sktchy is taking yesterday’s collage to another level.   This took a few steps so in between I was working on the blog. 

The new blog I was working on is for International Fake Journal Month (IFJM) in April.  On that blog I will be posting as an alter ego for just the 30 days of April.  Check it out, it’s usually lots of fun.  Last year I was writing as an ancestor of the “real” Cinderella.  

You can find the IFJM posts here…..

Lastly, there is a new cupcake place in town.  I did a quick sketch there and enjoyed a cup of coffee.

Art Before Breakfast using breakfast food

Fun with food, Hand Lettering, Uncategorized, Using Non Art supplies to make art January 27, 2017

I am taking Carla Sonheim’s 365 Days class and our assignment today was to create art from a non art supply.  

We bought that high protein/fiber pancake mix (Kodiak) from Costco, so we decided to have pancakes this morning for breakfast.  John sometimes works from home so while he was on a conference call, I made these pancakes.

I wanted to use the pancake mix to

 create something….my first attempt fell apart when I flipped it…..(so I ate it.)

Then I thought, let me do a solid heart

Then I decided to spell out the word “love.”

I forgot to take a photo of the V in the pan.

And some leftover batter !

To spell out:

And then I added some strawberries 

My husband loved it!