AEDM Day 13- First Thanksgiving 2.0

I upgraded my First Thanksgiving design to add “menus” and then submitted it for posting to They Draw and Cook. I haven’t posted there in a long time and I originally intended to do a map but it segued into a Feast. I am still wanting to do the map.

Researching foods for the first Thanksgiving feast got me to thinking how grateful I am in this shell shocking year. We moved to Florida a year ago. We were getting settled after our first holiday season in Florida when whispers of a virus started coming from China. We Americans used to scratch our heads about the visitors from other countries who were wearing masks. Now we are thinking that wasn’t such a bad idea.

Life with masks are an inconvenience but if it means a little more freedom, I’m in. Things aren’t as we planned, but we’re making the best of it.

Here is one of this morning’s sketches. I loved her hat. The reference photo is from the SKTCHY app. When I posted the sketch, I told Linda I loved the hat. She said she liked it too but wound up buying a different one. I liked that I could be part of her shopping trip.

Inktober Day 9 “Citrus”

I didn’t like the Inktober Prompt of “throw” so fortunately there are a lot of alternative lists out there this year. They Draw and Cook has a food list and today is “citrus” so that’s the one I chose to do.

The little dragonet, who is growing and isn’t quite so little anymore, is just like any other animal in the house when it comes to food on the table. In this case, it’s a refreshing pitcher of a lemonade, orange and lime mix.

I chose not to use color because I think it works ok without color. I didn’t color my mom’s version this time, either.

Inktober Day 7 – Beets

Today I opted for They Draw and Cook’s Inktober list and today’s prompt was “beets.”

The little dragon got loose in the garden and pulled out a few beets. Now he has the decide what to do with them.

Temp job

I am taking Carla Sonheim’s 2018 365 days of inspiration. One of the prompts this month was “temp job,” to create temporary “art.” Two of my grandkids visited over the weekend, so I baked a heart cake that I assembled by using square and circle cake pans. We cooled the cakes and my husband and I assembled and frosted them We left the decorating to our three year old granddaughter… you can see, she was a little bit heavy on the embellishments….And yes, the cake was VERY temporary!

Inktober Days 13 to 23

I have been busy working on a few things so I haven’t been posting much.  However, I have been doing my daily Inktober sketches and posted them on Sktchy….most of them are 5 minute timed sketches done first thing in the morning.



This pie is actually day 20.