Carve December – Day 31

Yeah, today is the final day! Here is today’s stamp, which is inspired by my three flowering aloes. I never knew Aloes got flowers and mine must be pretty frisky because they keep flowering multiple times a year!

I also took a photo of all of the stamps (all 31 of them!) and it’s nice to see all of them together. There are 31 stamps that I created for me to use in other projects. I already used some for patterns and Christmas tags. I am really excited about them and adding them to last year’s collection!

This is also my final post for 2022. Happy New Year’s Eve!

Carve December Day 29

I am really excited about today’s stamp. I just randomly drew the design based on my roses. I was thinking “rose hips” and voila! Here’s my design!

I am also really excited that I only have two more stamps to carve, too! It was a tough month compounded by the additional twist of getting sick, but alls well that ends well.

Carve December Day 28

It was surprisingly nice enough outside today where I could sit and work in the open air, instead of from inside the house. It’s nice to sit outside again, it looks so pretty with all of our poinsettias back out. They were in the shed for a couple of days to protect them from the cold. We weren’t taking any chances that “garden” poinsettias would perish and the orchids were just starting to bloom so all were sheltered until the temps warmed.

Last night only got down to the low 50’s so it was ok for them all to be out. We’ll be warming up to the 60’s as overnight temps for a bit so the plants can stay out. It does get cold here in January so they might get moved again. I would bring them into the house but I don’t feel like chasing the lizards around that live in my plants. One lizard has dibs on our outdoor wicker chair and he hides in the cushion. He was originally at our Lake Placid (Florida, not NY) house and hid in the chair, so now he lives with us in Jensen Beach.

Today, I decided to carve a holiday candle. It sort of fit with sitting out here with the plants. I might trim this one. We’ll see.

Carve December Day 27

This one surprisingly came out as I had hoped. I originally wanted to cut the shape out but I wanted to get today’s stamp finished with minimal mishaps. I decided to carve the line and I am pretty happy that it has the delicate shape that I was hoping for.


Merry Christmas!

Carve December Day 25 is a nod to Tom Hegg’s poem “A Cup of Christmas Tea.” YouTube has several versions of the author reading his poem. I recommended reading it and/or listening to it.

I hope you all get the chance to have that cup of tea, (coffee, cocoa or whatever your warm beverage is) with loved ones today.

Merry Christmas!

Carve December Day 24

It’s Christmas Eve and I feel much better than yesterday. I am also more coherent. 😂

I didn’t get my holiday baking done because I was sick on the days that I reserved for my baking, although I did bake a pie today so that we would have something for dessert.

We staggered out the 7 fishes throughout the day and we just have the lobster tails left to eat. The Eagles game is on and I can’t watch. Too stressful. I have Love Actually on in my studio. Mack, also recovering from his illness, has been antsy the past few days because he knows it’s Christmas. We have to be careful he doesn’t unwrap gifts. The doggie gifts are in a bag where he can’t reach them and he’s been sniffing around the bag.

We have Christmas bells on the back door that Mack is using to ring to ask to be let out. It’s really cute. But annoying because now that he’s learned that he can get a response, he’s ringing them all the time now.😂

When he goes out he likes to chase all the bunnies that have inexplicably been all over the place even though it is cold here. The cold brought them out for some reason. We put all of our plants in the shed until the temps moderate. We finally got the poinsettias blooming and they look so pretty and now they are in the shed. We didn’t bring them in because lizards live in them.

Here’s a nod to Mack with a Christmas Bells stamp….enjoy!

Carve December Day 23

I am still nursing my body through this “germ.” I just accidentally sent out the same image from yesterday, when in fact, today’s stamp is an abstract piece, a leftover piece from yesterday’s stamp.

So, if you got another Santa hat email, please disregard. Lol. The hats are on here but so is the new stamp.