Carve December Day 24

It’s Christmas Eve and I feel much better than yesterday. I am also more coherent. 😂

I didn’t get my holiday baking done because I was sick on the days that I reserved for my baking, although I did bake a pie today so that we would have something for dessert.

We staggered out the 7 fishes throughout the day and we just have the lobster tails left to eat. The Eagles game is on and I can’t watch. Too stressful. I have Love Actually on in my studio. Mack, also recovering from his illness, has been antsy the past few days because he knows it’s Christmas. We have to be careful he doesn’t unwrap gifts. The doggie gifts are in a bag where he can’t reach them and he’s been sniffing around the bag.

We have Christmas bells on the back door that Mack is using to ring to ask to be let out. It’s really cute. But annoying because now that he’s learned that he can get a response, he’s ringing them all the time now.😂

When he goes out he likes to chase all the bunnies that have inexplicably been all over the place even though it is cold here. The cold brought them out for some reason. We put all of our plants in the shed until the temps moderate. We finally got the poinsettias blooming and they look so pretty and now they are in the shed. We didn’t bring them in because lizards live in them.

Here’s a nod to Mack with a Christmas Bells stamp….enjoy!