Let them eat cake

I was going through my sketchbooks and I came across some sketches I did while sitting at a bakery in a Holbrook, NY. The name of the bakery is Dolci Momenti and the cakes they had in the display case were begging to be sketched. And eaten, of course. This was one of the cakes that was based on the Italian rainbow cookies. I never had the cake but it was pretty.


I didn’t bake butter cookies yet this year. I say yet because I still may bake them this week. We’ll see. In the meantime, enjoy my visual version.

Also, I was at at loss of what to carve as a stamp today, so I flipped open Julie Balzer’s “Carve, Stamp, Play.” I can always use another border. I highly recommend Julie’s book.


There is nothing like a nice hot mug of coffee, tea or cocoa or a cold winter evening.

And today’s carved stamp….I am really excited about this stamp that I can use as a border!