Christmas Art Countdown – Day 16

As I post these on social media, I have been putting the shopping days left to Christmas, too. In one of the responses I received, from a woman in the Netherlands, she said that they only had one day of shopping left since the Netherlands folks were going on lockdown again. My heart went out to her. All I could say was “bummer.” Especially since it is getting colder and with snow in many areas, people won’t even be able to get out for winter activities.

My one offer of comfort is I hope that folks have plenty of coffee, tea and cocoa. This could be a time of trying new things like Afternoon Tea. It doesn’t even need to be fancy, but just taking time to sit down and do nothing but enjoying the tea (or coffee). Put in some peppermint for a treat. Go to the Food Network website for some treat ideas or check an issue of Tea Time magazine. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, I can think of no place better to cozy up to read a good book. I am reading Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year by Beth Kempton. I am also listening to her podcast. It’s very soothing.

If you are getting snow this week, lucky you. It may mean you’ll have a snowy white Christmas.

Christmas Art Countdown Day 12

Here’s a little toast for me making it halfway through the challenge AND I got my holiday ‘Zine completed. WOOOHOOO.

As I was finishing up my ‘Zine and getting it printed and assembled, I listened to Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” conducted by Eugene Ormandy. The memories of my childhood came flooding back. The fact that I know who Eugene Ormandy is makes me long for that time when I could go to the Tower Records Classical Music Store and shop for my favorite conductors. I don’t know many people today who listen to classical music. What a shame.

Here’s a toast to simpler times.

Christmas Art Countdown Day 8

Day 8 came to me after a bit of writing on and entirely different subject. I wrote a quick story about Christmas Eve with my husband’s family and sat in bed thinking of what I could do for Mistletoe and I pulled out my ipad and sketched this idea. When I got up, this is what came of that sketch. I find that straddling different forms of creative expression can help pollinate another form of creative expression to come up with ideas that would not have happened otherwise.

Christmas Art Countdown Day 4

One thing I miss about living in Florida is the Winter activities. When I lived up North, I was trying to get out more to do things outside. One thing about Long Island is that they would get snow there and it would last a while. One Sunday, John and I put our hiking boots on and hiked through a local state park in the snow. We really enjoyed it except that snowshoes or cross county skis would have been been better and we wanted to do more of that but life has a mind of it’s own and here we are in Florida. Not that we are complaining. It went down into the 40’s last night and we remembered why we don’t miss the cold.

I still have my ice skates, though.

Christmas Countdown – Day 1

Some playful images coming up this month for you to enjoy while you prepare for Christmas (or other holidays) during the month of December…

For Day 1, we have a chubby penguin. He overindulged a bit on some nice fat juicy fish. He’s debating on taking a walk to burn off some of what he ate. I have occasionally felt that way myself, and found that walking actually does help after a big meal, like Thanksgiving.

This chubby penguin started out as a pen and ink drawing in a little book that I made just for the purpose of doing posts for this month and I may turn some of these images into a Zine that I have been wanting to make. I may also color these in another media which means there may be a “round 2” of posts coming.