I am working on the Tiny Sketchbook Project for The Sketchbook Project, a library in Brooklyn that houses thousands of sketchbooks. I have worked on cats for so long that I began a 100 day project of sketching chihuahuas to give myself a break. That segued into doing Chi’s for the Tiny Sketchbook Project. TheContinue reading “Preview….”

Infinite Sketch

I signed up to participate in the Sketchbook Project’s “Infinite Sketch.” You get a 6×9 postcard with some art supplies and you create a segment of a creature that will connect to another artists’ segment, and so on. One artist gets selected for the head and another gets the butt. I’m somewhere in the middleContinue reading “Infinite Sketch”

Happy Halloween!

Young witches like to go Trick or Treating, too! Happy Halloween! Great story this morning on the Today Show about Sleepy Hollow! Perfect for Halloween! Also, great website for spooky stories! It was on this website that I read the truth about the Amityville Horror. Enjoy!