Mapping this moment

I haven’t done a map in a while. I decided to post one for the call for artists for the ‘They Draw and Travel’ Blog. They requested that artists submit a map that records this moment in time. Art in the time of COVID-19.

I decided to map our morning walk. We are fortunate to live in Florida in a less densely populated area. Lock down meant not being able to go the beach but we could take neighborhood walks.

Our morning started out in our circle which looped a little over a mile. We lapped it three times before we started to get bored so we started to leave the circle and we love our walks and all the creatures we see. We’re always exited when we see something new. Currently, plumerias are blooming and there are these umbrella shaped trees with the most gorgeous flowers.

We see many of the same people, some are recorded on the map.

And if you look carefully, there is an aquatic ‘map monster’ in the neighborhood who has grown since last year.

A word of caution for non Floridians; ALWAYS assume a body of water has a gator.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In between making sketchbooks, making Valentine’s Day cards and a multitude of other projects, here is my map for Valentine’s Day, which is also up on They Draw and Travel’s website.

My favorite candy is Lore’s Chocolates in Philadelphia. But I love See’s and I like Kilwin’s ice cream (their candy isn’t bad either.) See’s candy has a special fondness in my heart because my grandmother used to buy us a box every year for Christmas. John and I found a See’s when we were in Seattle last year. We bought a pound and it never made it home. Castronovo is a new favorite, they make the chocolate right from the bean. OMG it is amazing.

However you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope yours is sweet!

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Here is the link to my map on their website.

Last holiday surprise

Today’s post is my last surprise of the holidays.  I finished this map on 12/29 and I sent it along to They Draw and Travel.

I did a lot of research for this map.  There were three Miracle on 34th Street movies and in my opinion, the only one worth watching is the 1947 version.  It was exciting for me to find the actual house that Susan wanted Kris Kringle to get her for Christmas.  It is here on Long Island, sitting on it’s little hill,  humble to have been part of a Christmas classic.


Miracle on 34th Street

Here is the link to view the map on They Draw and Travel:



Santa Clown and something totally awesome

I found out last week that my Horses of Asia map was selected for They Draw and Travel’s Maps of Asia book! I am so excited! You can get a copy of the book from Amazon!

This morning’s sketch inspiration:

There are multiple submissions on Sktchy of clowns, especially since clowns are thought of as being sinister, thanks to Stephen King. I sketched this clown and turned him into something benign, a clown Santa.

Over the River

This post is a week early since the map has already been posted on Instagram by They Draw and Travel. I am really excited they liked this map!

Thanksgiving Day is a day of long tradition.  It is a day for spending time with family and friends over a traditional meal that usually involves turkey.

This year, I chose to do a map for Thanksgiving.  The most logical choice for subject matter was the poem that most people know as “Over the River and through the woods to Grandmother’s House….”

What many people do not know is it wasn’t grandmother’s house in the poem, it was Grandfather’s house.  And it wasn’t a song, it was a poem.  The title of the poem is actually “The New-England Boy’s Song About Thanksgiving Day’ and it was written by Lydia Maria Child.  It was published 1844 in a collection called “Flowers for Children Volume 2.”

Lydia Maria Child lived in Medford, Massachusetts and after much digging, I found where she lived and how long it took her to actually get to Grandfather’s house. (Not long, actually, they could easily walk it on a warm day.)  She wrote the poem from her childhood memory of going to her grandparents house for the holiday. I never knew it was based on the writer’s memories.

New England did indeed get snow for Thanksgiving in the early 1800’s.  Which is not unusual, even in these times of climate change, some places still will have snow for Thanksgiving.

I started out this map drawing farmhouses and sketching covered bridges. John and I even took a trip upstate to see covered bridges for me to use as references for this map. I even used my Breyer stablemate horses as models for the two on the map….I have included that sketch below, as well as taking a photo of them “posing.” I had the poem all printed out and the last part of all of this research was where the author was from. Finding information about the author of the poem completely changed my map and the result is what you see here.

I hope this map brings you some fond memories of a holiday that is truly belongs to every American, whether you have been here generations or you are a new citizen.



Below is today’s sketch….

Horses and yesterday’s Inktober Sketch

I spent over a week researching and working on this map that I did as a very belated Sketchbook Skool Assignment.  I was away when the class was “in session” and I mulled over ideas and nothing really inspired me until I saw they were requesting maps for Asia.  Then I had to mull that one over and almost passed that assignment over when I thought of horses.   So I did some research on horse breeds that originated in Asia and came up with this map.

I do have a scanned version so if you are interested in a print, please contact me.

Also, I did this yesterday as my husband was driving us to South Jersey to help my son.  This was my Inktober Day 1 sketch.  I posted it in Sktchy and on my sketch club’s Facebook page yesterday but never got a chance to post it on Social Media…