Little witch and kitty

(I almost left the poor little witch and her kitty in pilgrim land).

The little witch was able to return from early America with the help of a witch who’s been dodging Salem witch hunters. The little witch used her historical knowledge of the time period to give the early American witch some useful information about heading to some place much better for her long term health.

Upon returning, Thanksgiving was in full swing with all the witches celebrating. Kitty managed to “acquire” a full turkey leg.

The season of the Witch is winding down. The witches are now preparing for Winter Solstice celebrations along with Christmas. They are making bayberry candles with good luck spells to sell to people who want to burn them on Christmas. They are blessing tree farms so that the warmth of the trees bring love and warmth to the people who bring them into their homes to decorate. They are making bunches of greens and other natural items to sell that bring harmony, health and happiness into homes for the holidays.

The little witch and kitty will be busy during the holiday season.

At least kitty gets to have this quiet moment to enjoy her turkey leg.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kitty (Cleopatra), Chloe and Mack (her Chihuahua surrogates) wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

I am thankful that my mother is in a safe place and she was able to bring her cats. She still had days where she wants to go back to her house. She needs supervised care but for the most part she is happy there. She has people to interact with which she didn’t have living alone and this time of year, when it is cold, she would have been locked away from the world. Now she can walk down the hall and socialize. She likes her kitty cards.

Thanksgiving isn’t just an American holiday. Everyone can stop and take a day to spend with family, enjoy a good meal and give thanks for what they have. My mom will be spending hers with my sister.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Enjoy your family and friends today!

Kitty Korner

Several months ago I sketched a corner in my village while waiting for my husband and daughter.

I didn’t like the sketch so I ditched it and had to do another. It’s been in one of my sketchbooks as a bookmark. Today I decided to play with it to see if I could salvage it.

I like this version much better. Kitty is watching the street activities from above.

November Snow Day

I sketched this yesterday during the snow storm. We weren’t supposed to get snow. It was supposed to be all rain however we wound up with several inches of snow. I sketched this from my studio window.

Kitty’s scratching post

The day got away from me and I didn’t get to sketch a kitty until late. Then I had to hurry to get it finished. I might tweak this one some more before I mail it out….. I don’t think the pilgrims are going to be happy with kitty.

November Kitty

It’s getting a lot cooler. It’s brisk and Novembers can be windy. The little witch is still stuck in pilgrim-ville. Kitty doesn’t care. She has lots of things to keep her busy, like apples.