November Snow Day

I sketched this yesterday during the snow storm. We weren’t supposed to get snow. It was supposed to be all rain however we wound up with several inches of snow. I sketched this from my studio window.

Kitty’s scratching post

The day got away from me and I didn’t get to sketch a kitty until late. Then I had to hurry to get it finished. I might tweak this one some more before I mail it out….. I don’t think the pilgrims are going to be happy with kitty.

November Kitty

It’s getting a lot cooler. It’s brisk and Novembers can be windy. The little witch is still stuck in pilgrim-ville. Kitty doesn’t care. She has lots of things to keep her busy, like apples.

Howdy Pilgrim?

The little witch was practicing her spells and somehow wound up in a 17th century Puritan village. She and kitty are a bit shocked and unfortunately they need to find a 17th century witch to help them.

I left the brush markers behind in the family Florida house that I was using when I started this series. I bought them so I would have markers in Florida. I have Tombows in my studio in NY. The Tombows are giving me some problems and the difference in paper is also creating an issue. I might try different paper tomorrow.