Howdy Pilgrim?

The little witch was practicing her spells and somehow wound up in a 17th century Puritan village. She and kitty are a bit shocked and unfortunately they need to find a 17th century witch to help them.

I left the brush markers behind in the family Florida house that I was using when I started this series. I bought them so I would have markers in Florida. I have Tombows in my studio in NY. The Tombows are giving me some problems and the difference in paper is also creating an issue. I might try different paper tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Howdy Pilgrim?

  1. It’s too bad about the pens, but your little witch is so cute, and the cat is acting like a typically inquisitive cat, questioning everything. It’s adorable, and I can certainly overlook any imperfections, since I couldn’t draw if my life depended on it.


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