Happy Thanksgiving!

Kitty (Cleopatra), Chloe and Mack (her Chihuahua surrogates) wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

I am thankful that my mother is in a safe place and she was able to bring her cats. She still had days where she wants to go back to her house. She needs supervised care but for the most part she is happy there. She has people to interact with which she didn’t have living alone and this time of year, when it is cold, she would have been locked away from the world. Now she can walk down the hall and socialize. She likes her kitty cards.

Thanksgiving isn’t just an American holiday. Everyone can stop and take a day to spend with family, enjoy a good meal and give thanks for what they have. My mom will be spending hers with my sister.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Enjoy your family and friends today!