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Sketching out

Pen & ink, Plein air, Sketches, Watercolor February 22, 2018

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I had to go out to sketch. I took a ride up to the North Shore of LI to join a group that was painting there.

I wanted to mount my little guerrilla box on the tripod but alas, it didn’t come with the tripod adapter mounting plate so I need to order that. In the meantime I took a large board that John made for me over the summer and I used the car and the tripod as a makeshift mount.

It was so surprisingly warm, that the only reason why I was wearing my jacket so as to not be stupid and catch a chill. It was worth it to get out in the sun to do a quick watercolor and ink sketch. The ride home I was cranking up Coldplay. For just that wee bit of time it was indeed, Paradise.

And….winter is back…..sigh.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Collage, Maps, Oil pastel, Pen & ink, Tombow, Valentine’s Day, Watercolor February 14, 2018

In between making sketchbooks, making Valentine’s Day cards and a multitude of other projects, here is my map for Valentine’s Day, which is also up on They Draw and Travel’s website.

My favorite candy is Lore’s Chocolates in Philadelphia. But I love See’s and I like Kilwin’s ice cream (their candy isn’t bad either.) See’s candy has a special fondness in my heart because my grandmother used to buy us a box every year for Christmas. John and I found a See’s when we were in Seattle last year. We bought a pound and it never made it home. Castronovo is a new favorite, they make the chocolate right from the bean. OMG it is amazing.

However you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope yours is sweet!

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Here is the link to my map on their website.


Sketching in the city

Pen & ink, Watercolor January 25, 2018

I was in the city today sketching with the NYC Urban Sketchers. We sketched at the NY Waterway Ferry terminal.

There was a ferry that was sitting at the dock. I was able to sketch it because it was just sitting there. The other ferries were careening in and out of the terminal and it looked more like a taxi stand than a stately boat terminal. I wondered how often they crashed into something. It was humorous watching them go in and out.

These two sketches below were done early on. The gentleman on the left was eating grapes in a most unusual way. On the right, I was practicing another sketching approach that I learned in Chicago from LK Bing. It was cold today.

After sketching we went up to see the Rogues Gallery Exhibit of courtroom sketches at the Shiva Gallery. That was amazing! They had Son of Sam, the Preppy Killer and many others. I was really glad I got to see that one.

Getting out to sketch….

Carla Sonheim's 365 class, Pen & ink, Pitt pens, Urban Sketchers, Watercolor January 7, 2018

Today, I went out with some friends to sketch at a local wildlife refuge. The refuge has many live and stuffed subjects to sketch. It is wayyy to cold to sketch outside so I went into the Nature Center to sketch the taxidermy animals. I sketched this possum and found out that possums can eat up to 5000 ticks in a season! Wow, We need more possums!

Yesterday I went to the NYC Urban Sketchers holiday party. The party was held in Jersey City and had an amazing view of Lower Manhattan.

Last but not least, blind folded fruit done with a ball point pen. I am taking Carla Sonheim’s 365 Year long class and this was yesterday’s assignment. I took her 365 class in 2017 and it was full of creative assignments.