Sketching in the city

I was in the city today sketching with the NYC Urban Sketchers. We sketched at the NY Waterway Ferry terminal.

There was a ferry that was sitting at the dock. I was able to sketch it because it was just sitting there. The other ferries were careening in and out of the terminal and it looked more like a taxi stand than a stately boat terminal. I wondered how often they crashed into something. It was humorous watching them go in and out.

These two sketches below were done early on. The gentleman on the left was eating grapes in a most unusual way. On the right, I was practicing another sketching approach that I learned in Chicago from LK Bing. It was cold today.

After sketching we went up to see the Rogues Gallery Exhibit of courtroom sketches at the Shiva Gallery. That was amazing! They had Son of Sam, the Preppy Killer and many others. I was really glad I got to see that one.