Sketching stuffed animals at the library and library Sketch Club display

The Patchogue Sketch Club meets at our local library during the dark winter months. We occasionally sketch at a restaurant or other indoor venue in the winter, but the library has become our winter home.  The library staff members are very gracious hosts and many of the library’s visitors stop by to see what we are doing.  Winter is a good time for us to do skill building exercises like anatomy or values, or activities like making sketchbooks.

This week, we sketched various stuffed animals. Many people have them but don’t usually think of them as something to sketch, so we had quite a few people stop by this evening, curious about what we were doing with the stuffed animals.

Sketching stuffed animals is always fun.  How can you not be charmed by a stuffed beanie baby or homemade crocheted horse?  It definitely was a cute way to end the day.

I found this beanie turkey in my attic recently while doll hunting.  I forgot we had him and pulled him out for Thanksgiving.

One of my fellow sketchers brought this totally awesome crocheted horse that her mother made years ago.  I had to sketch it twice.

I have had this chubby dragon for a few years.  He sits on my bed.  I brought him out to the library.  He seemed pleased to be there.

Last but not least, here is our display of sketches at the Patchogue-Medford Library.  It is on view during the library’s hours until December 6th.  Then we’ll sketch it out for a holiday sketch display.