I didn’t do it….

One of my husband’s favorite quotes is “I didn’t do it and if I did, I wouldn’t admit it.”  This quote shows up frequently in my work, usually to depict Mack, our long haired Chihuahua, when he’s done some mischief and wants to look innocent.

I applied it to these two as they look like they were up to something…

Next is my breakfast this morning, sketched in my morning pages.  I drew it from memory and wrote what I ate.  I really need to work on my handwriting.  I used to have the nicest handwriting…..I will have to practice more.

Also, this fun sketch was inspired by the current Food Network magazine on my Dining Room table.  Plant a seed was an assignment in Carla Sonheim’s 365 year long prompt workshop.  The cupcake on the cover of the magazine inspired this plant.

8 thoughts on “I didn’t do it….

  1. Oh god, I love this post! The zombie doll and dog are hilarious! Being a zombie and all she still manages to look like caught in the act 🙂 And the dog has this I-know-nothing-attitude so typical for pets and, let’s face it, babies, lol!

    I love to see breakfast sketches, I always feel like witnessing a happy carefree creative moment.

    But I have to say my favorite is the cupcake plant! So funny, I might get a print out and hang it in my kitchen, if you agree. I’m an arduous glutenfree cupcake baker and this whimsical sketch is like the most extreme recipe for allergen-free cupcakes, lol!!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful painting and sketches today! I really enjoyed! More of that please 😉


    1. Nelly/Norah, I am glad you like this post!

      I don’t post scanned photos. The ones I use for the blog are taken with my iPhone. Unfortunately, The print out won’t be the best quality. I would have to scan it and clean it up a bit before it could be printed.


  2. Still loving your beautiful and spooky doll series. I’ll never tire seeing them.

    Your awesome breakfast sketch has me salivating. I actually wanted to join you!

    I laughed and laughed at the seed as it morphed into a full grown “plant.” I like your sense of humor as much as your drawings.


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