Paint the Great South Bay

It’s that time of year again where I am the chairperson for an annual plein air event. I get to participate but I am obviously not eligible for prizes but that’s ok. When my paintings sell, that’s prize enough for me. As typical with plein air, there are adventures to tell. Several storms this week,Continue reading “Paint the Great South Bay”

The Dockmaster

My father-in-law is 89 years old and still works at the local boat ramp. He works because he wants to, it keeps him busy and active. This is the hut where he spends his working hours. It has A/C for those hot days. I sketched it this evening when I was out with my localContinue reading “The Dockmaster”

Belt of Venus or Gone fishin’

Sometimes people ask where I get my inspiration. I do some brainstorming and I jot down lots of ideas but they don’t always turn into anything. Then there are the ideas that are there, right in front of me. This kitty is one of those spur of the moment ideas. John and I went toContinue reading “Belt of Venus or Gone fishin’”

Siamese Kitty

My mom used to have three bratty Siamese. When the last one passed away, my sisters and I figured we’d see more of her. Nope. She adopted two homeless cats soon after the last Siamese passed away. Here’s a Siamese kitty that I know my mom will love! Also, these paintings below will be inContinue reading “Siamese Kitty”

Last Alive After Five of the summer

Tonight brings the summer to a sad close….yes, we still have a little over a week to Labor Day, but tonight was the final AA5 of the summer☹️. This is also the week of Paint the Great South Bay. So far it has rained, I was swarmed by flies and bit by a yellow jacket.Continue reading “Last Alive After Five of the summer”