Spirit Kitty and the Budweiser Clydesdales come to Patchogue

Here is today’s kitty:

This was an exciting day because the Budweiser Clydesdales came to our town! They we here to celebrate 85 years of the repeal of Prohibition. Plus, Blue Point Brewery is getting ready to open at their new location on Main Street. I was lucky (and smart) to get a great spot to do some sketching! I managed some time to do one of the trucks and the big guy right in front of me. It was very exciting to be able to sketch them. The new Blue Point Brewery is behind the truck.

Also, some photos! Main Street was packed from Waverly to just east of the Theater but I knew they were marching all the way to the east end of Main Street and the crowd was surprisingly lean there.

Oh, and today’s Inktober sketch….

Nocturnal Kitty

John dragged me out of the house this evening. Still groggy from this cold or whatever sinus thing I am getting over. So annoying. All I want to do is nap and cough. A friend reminded me of the benefits of tea and that’s been helping the cough.

One thing about being a dedicated sketcher. I can sit anywhere and find something to draw. I never used to be that way. The irony is when I was in college, we were asked to fill up a sketchbook in a week and we were all freaking out. Now I would be like “just one?” 😂

Ahh, youth is wasted on the young.

So although I feel blasé, I managed to sketch the tree in front of a local Church on Main Street. It was there and I needed to draw SOMETHING. I figured while I was out I would do an Urban Sketch with kitty.

Kitty is resting under the tree. She had too many oysters from mooching so she needs to sleep them off.

This evening I kept is simple. My favorite, ink and washes.

Kitty #125

Yes! That is correct! I counted snd recounted a few days ago. I waited for today’s kitty to celebrate! It’s only 2 days short of our village’s 125th anniversary so it couldn’t have been timed better. I chose the Brick House Brewery (BHB) for today’s sketch because they are in the oldest business building in Patchogue, they are one of the oldest breweries on Long Island and they are hosting the joint effort brew “Pop Fizz Clink,” brewed by BHB and Blue Point Brewery, to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Patchogue.

Kitty strolled by on her way to see if she could hang out in the Hops Garden out back of BHB because pets are permitted, ok, dogs, but kitty thinks she’s a Chihuahua so that counts for her.

Got Milk?

Today was the ribbon cutting grand opening for the Coffee Bean. John and I went over to get coffee and hang out for the festivities. Plus this weekend, Patchogue is celebrating it’s 125th anniversary. So we hung around for that, too.

Kitty made an appearance. She was standing in line for milk.

Siamese Kitty

My mom used to have three bratty Siamese. When the last one passed away, my sisters and I figured we’d see more of her. Nope. She adopted two homeless cats soon after the last Siamese passed away.

Here’s a Siamese kitty that I know my mom will love!

Also, these paintings below will be in the wet paint show and sale tomorrow and are available to purchase!

Roof top Kitty

This evening, for Paint the Great South Bay, we were given access to a rooftop so we could paint. It was awesome and we had a whole new view to paint.

Here is my painting from this evening, with the clips on….

Here is the postcard print for my mom with kitty added…..kitty is a little hard to find.

Last Alive After Five of the summer

Tonight brings the summer to a sad close….yes, we still have a little over a week to Labor Day, but tonight was the final AA5 of the summer☹️.

This is also the week of Paint the Great South Bay. So far it has rained, I was swarmed by flies and bit by a yellow jacket. (Little bastard died for that one.)

I was out painting this evening and did this painting

And took a photo and turned it into a postcard for my mom (see if you can find kitty)

I had a rough week which led to a lot of this

Here is my set up and you can see how the painting came together….

More to come!