Day of the dead

The little witch and her kitty are celebrating the Day of the Dead.

To close out Inktober, here are the sketches from the month long challenge. Most were done in my morning pages, which wasn’t brush pen friendly, but I made it work.

Bride of Franken Kitty

An update on Mom:

Sometimes she forgets to check her mailbox for her cards. I found a bunch of them in her mailbox when I was down to visit her last week. Her memory is so-so. She thinks the assisted living facility is the hospital where she used to work and sometimes she thinks her room is a room that they let her use at the hospital and she doesn’t understand why her cats are there. It’s sad.

Sometimes she complains about the food but when we sat with her as she was eating her lunch at the facility, she enjoyed it. I guess she forgot she didn’t like the food.😂

Spirit Kitty and the Budweiser Clydesdales come to Patchogue

Here is today’s kitty:

This was an exciting day because the Budweiser Clydesdales came to our town! They we here to celebrate 85 years of the repeal of Prohibition. Plus, Blue Point Brewery is getting ready to open at their new location on Main Street. I was lucky (and smart) to get a great spot to do some sketching! I managed some time to do one of the trucks and the big guy right in front of me. It was very exciting to be able to sketch them. The new Blue Point Brewery is behind the truck.

Also, some photos! Main Street was packed from Waverly to just east of the Theater but I knew they were marching all the way to the east end of Main Street and the crowd was surprisingly lean there.

Oh, and today’s Inktober sketch….