Kitty #125

Yes! That is correct! I counted snd recounted a few days ago. I waited for today’s kitty to celebrate! It’s only 2 days short of our village’s 125th anniversary so it couldn’t have been timed better. I chose the Brick House Brewery (BHB) for today’s sketch because they are in the oldest business building inContinue reading “Kitty #125”

The Dockmaster

My father-in-law is 89 years old and still works at the local boat ramp. He works because he wants to, it keeps him busy and active. This is the hut where he spends his working hours. It has A/C for those hot days. I sketched it this evening when I was out with my localContinue reading “The Dockmaster”

Belt of Venus or Gone fishin’

Sometimes people ask where I get my inspiration. I do some brainstorming and I jot down lots of ideas but they don’t always turn into anything. Then there are the ideas that are there, right in front of me. This kitty is one of those spur of the moment ideas. John and I went toContinue reading “Belt of Venus or Gone fishin’”

Flo’s Blue Point

This evening I went out with my sketch club and we sketched Flo’s in Blue Point. Flo’s has grown from this location, to three locations and a food truck. Flo’s BP is a popular summer spot and we sketch there every year. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get this sketch in….the skyContinue reading “Flo’s Blue Point”